Fall Finger Painting

Fall Handprint Tree

I love fall- it is my favorite season! The crisp air, the crunching leaves, the wardrobe change. I love the smells, the sounds, and the colors. Oh, the colors!!! I want to share a super simple little project to do with the kiddos that was inspired by those radiant fall colors- Fall Finger Painting.

Supplies needed:

  • 12 x 12 cardstock (mine was a very light grey)
  • Craft paints (Red, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Green)
  • Foam brush
  • Disposable plastic plate
  • Hands (we all have a couple of those hanging around)


  1. Start by squirting some brown paint on the plate and using the foam brush to paint the non-hairy side your little ones hand and arm brown. Then, place it with the hand spread wide in the middle of the page for form the trunk and the branches of your tree. Wipe arm and hand clean.
  2. Choose your next color and squirt it directly over the brown. Mix it a little to give it a somewhat swirly look and paint just the hand this time. Stamp on two to three “leaves” pointing the fingers outward.
  3. Repeat with remaining paint colors continuing to squirt and mix the paint and use the hands to stamp. We alternated hands and I wiped them off between each color to minimize the mess.
  4. Once the tree has the fullness and coloring you like, dip just a fingertip in the paint to make leaves on the ground beneath the tree.

That’s it!! You’re done!

Kids Fall Tree Handprint Art Project

We loved ours so much that I framed it with a cheap wood frame I got from the craft store and painted black. Now it is proudly displayed in our kitchen for everyone to see.

Fingerpainting Fall Tree

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  1. Linda @ Craftaholics Anonymous says:

    Good to meet you Michelle!

  2. The Harris Family says:

    Such a cute project. i already love a little tipsy!

  3. Korry+Taffee+Jaci+Milo+Jaxon says:

    I LOVE the TREE painting!! I have been looking for something to send the in-laws.. its PREFECT! Thanks for the wonderful ideas and I am SOOO adding you to our blog list:)

  4. cute idea, I think I'll do that one today! Steph, love your collage, looks way easier than the one I did like that, mine was a huge mod podge mess!

  5. Kim at Polka Dot Thought says:

    The finger painting is suchhhh a cute idea for kids! Timeless treasure for future decor! Thanks for sharing.

  6. michelle@somedaycrafts says:

    Cute stuff! Love the kid projects.

  7. The fall finger-painting is such a cute idea!! Awesome!


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