Fathers Day Frame

After having 4 sweet little girls, my friend just had her first baby boy and that house full of estrogen couldn’t be more thrilled! I featured the gift I gave to her at her shower, but I left out one part of it specifically because I wanted to showcase it as a Fathers Day frame gift Idea! Here is what I made:

Fathers Day Frame

This particular friend of mine ordered this same quote on wood blacks last August even before she knew she was pregnant. (Remember THIS post?) She planned to give it to a friend who had just lost her husband to cancer. My friend expressed to me how much she loved this quote, but since she had no boys, it didn’t really fit her family! As soon as she found out she was pregnant (oops!) and that she was actually having a boy (yay!) I thought this would be the perfect thing to give her for her shower!

All I did was purchase a frame from Target. It came already distressed, which I really liked. I cut some vinyl to fit the glass, then cut some argyle-print scrapbook paper to go behind the glass. Easy peasy!


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    Nice, it’s so cool!

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