“Faux” Chalkboard Cabinets

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Hi everyone!

I’m Kim from Too Much Time on My Hands. This is my first time visiting Somewhat Simple and I am super excited to be here with you today!

Do you all love glass front cabinets as much as I do?

However, the reality of my life with 2 little kids running around is this….

Faux Chalkboard Glass Front Cabinets Using Black Fabric 1

I know, it is terrible. I have tried, I have, I promise. There is just no way for me to keep the spices, sippy cups and plastic ware for all the munchkins I have running around here neat and pretty.  I have faith that one day I will be able to have lovely showstopping cabinets, but until then, I just can not keep looking at this mess every day!

{please tell me someone else has this issue and I am not the only sloppy one around here!}

I decided chalkboards would be fun. But, like I said I would like to take advantage of my four lovely glass front cabinets one day. So painting the cabinets was out. I noticed Chalkboard markers on sale one day and the light bulb went off. I grabbed a few yards of black fabric and ran home to get to work!

Faux Chalkboard Glass Front Cabinets Using Black Fabric 2

I measured 4 pieces of fabric to fit just outside the glass pieces and cut the rectangles with pinking shears. Then, I ironed each piece while my glue gun warmed up.

I glued the corners to the cabinet wood on the interior of each door and a few places along the edges and was finished. This entire project took about 30 minutes and has made a huge impact on our kitchen!

Faux Chalkboard Glass Front Cabinets Using Black Fabric 3

Bonus, I get to switch out the sayings and writing as the mood strikes! I decided to go with simple sayings to convey what exactly is inside each cabinet.

Faux Chalkboard Glass Front Cabinets Using Black Fabric 4

I think it would be great to write holiday messages, favorite recipes, and specific greetings for guests and their families! I love that I can practice my chalk lettering skills and just wipe away my mistakes and start fresh as many times as I need to (and these took a few tries). Here are some inspirations to get you started!

I would love to hear any witty ideas you have for what I can write on my new fun cabinets!

Thanks so much for sharing some of your time with me today and I can’t wait to spend some more time here and get to know all of you better!

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  1. says

    That is awesome! And you could use fabric in any color, whatever would work best for your kitchen! So cool!

    Manda @ Our Wolf Den

    • Kim says

      Definitely! Any fabric that matches! And they make those chalkboard markers in tons of colors to work with any background color:)