For Goodness STEAK!

cantina steak burrito 1

Sometimes we need to treat ourselves to something great. We deserve it, right? A new pair of shoes after a long week, a fun magazine from the checkout line at the grocery store, a pedicure on the weekend, a piece of cake for breakfast… I can sit here and make my own list of indulgences, but you get the picture, right?

A Story: Monday morning I set out to Urgent Care with my 10 year old son with me. The poor guy hurt his elbow on a trampoline at the Super Bowl party the night before. (Side note: I thought he was faking so I told him to shake it off and go to bed- turns out it was a hairline fracture!! I pretty much win “Mom of the Year” for that one!) Anyway, even though we were 3rd in line when they opened their office, we still sat in the waiting room for over an hour before they even got us in a room. And then we sat in the room for 40 minutes before the doctor came in. And then we waited 20 minutes for the X-Ray tech to come get us and take us to the Radiology room… needless to say we waited and waited and we waited some more until we finally broke free from the building at 12:30pm. Lunch time.

Irritated, tired and starving, we decided to grab a bite to eat before heading home. I thought we both deserved to treat ourselves to a fantastic meal, but the thought of waiting for anything in a sit-down restaurant was out of the question. Lucky for us, the Urgent Care was right next to Taco Bell and we could definitely indulge on a good meal there without a long wait- and that never before sounded so appealing as it did right then.

I’m usually one who grabs a bean and cheese burrito or a soft taco with an order of cinnamon twists, but a big advertisement they had for The Cantina Steak Burrito called my name… and I deserved a special treat, right?

cantina steak burrito 2

This thing was not only DELISH, it was also HUGE! I only ate half of it and saved the rest for my husband to try when he got home from work.

The Cantina Steak Burrito was created by Chef Lorena Garcia, and it is filled with bold and flavorful ingredients, including citrus-herb marinated steak, premium Latin rice, flavorful black beans, guacamole made from real Hass avocados, roasted corn & pepper salsa, a creamy cilantro dressing, and freshly prepared pico de gallo, all wrapped in a warm flour tortilla.

cantina steak burrito

The flavor was amazing and it seemed like it was made with great quality ingredients. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wanted a quick and fresh lunch or dinner.

How is that for a special treat? I’m not the one with the broken elbow, but it sure feels good to indulge on something… and I deserved it, right? :)

This post is sponsored by Taco Bell. See how great our steak is when you try the new Cantina Steak Burrito. Because when it comes to a great steak burrito, it’s all about the steak.

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  1. I’m so hungry right now, lol! And this looks super yummy… I’ll have to try it.

    And try not to give yourself too hard of a time. We all have those “Mom of the Year” moments.


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