Having a Foundation of Faith {free printable}

A sweet friend of ours and a member of our church’s congregation had a sudden heart attack the day after Christmas and passed away in the arms of his sweetheart. At church today I talked with his widow and I was amazed and so touched by this woman’s great faith. She is such an inspiration! As she spoke, her words were tender, but so powerful and it reminded me of a quote I read several months ago about having a foundation of faith in the talk “Mountains to Climb” by Henry B. Eyring. He said:

When asked how she was doing, my sweet friend replied, “I haven’t crashed yet!” Though sad and alone and still very weepy, she spoke about feeling the presence of angels in her home and the spirit being so strong and comforting. Her faith is what is sustaining her right now and it is humbling to see her not only press forward, but to grow and learn from this experience and truly feel the love of our God. I hope that whatever trials I am faced with in my life I can meet with a faith as strong as hers.

Whether your faith is in Christ, or in another power- strengthen it, nurture it and hold onto it tight.

“If we have faith… the hardest as well as the easiest times in life can be a blessing.”

It is my hope that anyone who is struggling right now, for whatever reason, will find comfort and peace with the promise in the words below. I believe them to be true with all my heart!

I don’t usually share much about my faith, but if you’d like to read more, I shared a bit on this post HERE.

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    I had heard about this family through my brother and sister-in law who were down visiting for the holidays. I can’t even imagine. I’m amazed and humbled by her faith. I only hope I could stay as strong. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.