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Hi all! It’s Joan from BitsyCreations again. I’m here to share a Free New Years Resolution Printable just in time for resolution-making time!

I’ve never been one to set the typical New Year’s resolutions. Telling myself on December 31st that I’ll join the gym, eat healthier, or save money just never seemed sensible to me. The first week in January, I’d go to the grocery store in the same shopping center as a gym and could never find a parking space! It just made me cranky. But then… I could wait a few weeks and things would be back to normal. You see–I’m a realist. I am not going to set a goal if I know my heart isn’t in it. Some may call that pessimism! I don’t want to set myself up for failure.

A few years ago, all this made me stop and think about resolutions. What makes people set goals and then almost instantly give them up? I’m sure we all have good intentions. To me, I find when I change my attitude, it’s like opening a window and allowing the fresh air to rush in to the rest of my soul. If I can try my best not to get caught up in the irritations of every day life, I seem to have more love, understanding, and patience for those around me.

What if we change our mindsets? What if we stop and think about what we’re doing and saying? I’m sure the experts will disagree with me here… they say goals should be tangible so you can track your progress. Still… I wonder if you’ll join with me this year and fill your hearts and minds with positivity and love.

So here’s a little DIY project for you. I’ve made an 8×10 printable that is perfect to stick in a frame for motivation this year.  I’ve also made a blank sheet and a fill-in-the-blank sheet for you to set your own goals. “I will let go of ______ and hold on to ________.” I know your choices here will be different from mine.


This free download includes 3 pages. You can choose to download all 3 or just the one(s) you want. It includes printable wall art, one fill-in-the-blank sheet, and one completely blank (but still pretty!) sheet for completely custom goals.

Click here to download 8×10 wall art.
Click here to download blank page.
Click here to download fill-in-the-blank page.

Have a free printable you’d like to see? Let me know for next month! I’d love to make something you’d find helpful or fun. You can reply here or like BitsyCreations on Facebook and tell me there!


Joan Saunders Orchard is the artist and owner of BitsyCreations. She lives in Maryland with her exceptional husband and two extraordinary kids. When she’s not illustrating or designing, she enjoys reading, being as silly as possible with her family, being a grammar and geography nerd, and watching too many BBC television shows.
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