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I’ll admit, school starts next week and I am not excited about it. As much as I love¬† structure and less chaos at home during the day, I also love the freedom that summer brings- to sleep in, to run errands on my own time, to do and be whatever, WHENEVER! {And, let’s be honest, I am so dreading the homework of the school year! I hate it. Almost as much as I hate laundry.}

But then there are things I love about my kids being in school. And things I get excited about. Like these free printable lunch notes from Paper Coterie.

Yes, I said Free!

I am excited to use these- aren’t they adorable?

What kid doesn’t love getting notes from mom in their lunch or backpack? My 9-year old saves each one I write, so I know it means a lot to him.

I know this would take a few extra minutes out of my already hectic mornings, but if I can make him smile even for a second during the day while he is away from me, and give him some encouragement and love… well then that is worth all the time in the world!

UPDATE 2/25/14: Paper Coterie has taken down their blog so the original link to download these notes no longer works. Until I hear from them with an updated link, HERE is the link to download the free PDF.

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  1. says

    What a wonderful printable to get us all thinking about the start of the school year. I am working on a collection of lunch box jokes. My son came to rely on them last year and even his friends noticed when I mistakenly forgot one day. This year I plan to be prepared and have a month of jokes ready ahead of time. It makes the mornings that much easier knowing I don’t have to search online for a daily joke. Thanks a lot!

  2. Natasha says

    Hi, I was wondering if these cute notes are still available for download as when I click on the link to go to the Paper Coterie Blog nothing happens