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Hey guys, please meet my friend Elizabeth:

fuji family

Elizabeth is a wife and mom to 4 boys (yes, the picture above was taken a few years ago and doesn’t show her most recent addition.)

Liz and I have been neighbors for 8 years. Our boys are best buddies. She teaches my 3 oldest kids piano lessons. She taught my daughter’s ballet class. We celebrate family birthdays together,  we watch the Superbowl together… we really just LOVE her and her family!!!

In March of this year, Elizabeth underwent her fourth C-section surgery in 10 years. With each C-Section she experienced increasingly more difficult complications and her recovery times seemed to lengthen making it more difficult to return to her pre-pregnancy weight. Even as an active dance instructor, losing weight was a struggle.  Many people told her that she would never be able to ‘get her body back’ after having C-Sections and that she would likely need cosmetic surgery to “fix” her body. That was an option she was not willing to consider because of her past complications with surgery. That’s when Elizabeth was introduced to the Lifetime Fitness 90-Day Challenge and she decided this was a great opportunity to transform her physique.

This is what Liz looked like 90 days ago:

Before photo Elizabeth Fujimoto 90 day challenge

And here is what she looks like now:

After Photo Elizabeth Fujimoto 90 day challenge

Take a look at these pictures side by side:

before and after lizDoesn’t she look AMAZING!?!?!?!?

This wasn’t a walk-in-the-park transformation, in fact not only has she changed her eating habits and exercise routine, she has also changed the way she thinks about herself and has come to recognize the importance of living a healthy life while being a positive role model for her kids.

She said:

“The Life Time 90-Day Challenge started right around my 35th birthday and for me it could not have come at a better time in my life. It provided the transformational opportunity that I desperately needed both physically and emotionally to become a strong confident person.”

So here is the exciting part: Elizabeth was just informed that she is a TOP 5 contestant for all 90-Day Challenge participants in the entire USA!!!

How exciting is that?!?

Annnnnndddd here is where we need YOUR help…

The winner of the challenge is going to be determined by a voting system, and that winner gets a trip to Vegas and a NICE cash prize.

I would absolutely LOVE it if you would vote for Liz and give her an added bonus to the awesome prize she has already won- a healthy body and more positive outlook on life.

Voting is super simple, just click HERE and vote for Elizabeth- no one else! :)

Voting expires on Monday, so don’t delay!

Go NOW and send my sweet friend to Vegas, Baby!!!!

Thanks guys, I really appreciate it!

And for those of you craving an awesome transformation of your own, you can download the PDF below of Liz’s story and be inspired by how she accomplished her goals.



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    Wow, great article! It’s easy for people to make excuses for not having enough time to work out, especially when taking care of so many children. It’s still important for us to be strong and set a good example for the children as they are always looking to their parents as role models. Congrats to your friend for her dedication to living well!