December Challenge- Getting to Know You Week 2

Welcome to week two of our December Challenge- Getting to Know You.

(If you’re wondering what we’re talking about , click HERE for details.)

Here is my “little-known-fact” I want to share with you this week-

I’m going to show you 3 pictures.

And I know these pictures have some handsome men in them too, but today we’re only going to focus on the ladies.

  I want you to guess what these girls have in common…

three megans

If you guessed they are all relatives of mine, you’d be right.

If you guessed they are all my sister in laws, you’d be right again.

AND if you guessed they were all named Megan…. well then you’d be 100% correct!

I have 6 sister in laws and 3 of them are named Megan.

(Well, one is Meghan, but that is neither here nor there.)

But this fun coincidence doesn’t just stop there …

Not only are they all named Megan, they are actually all named Megan Elizabeth.

For reals.

3 of my 6 sister in laws are named Megan Elizabeth.

How crazy fun is that???

So that’s the fun fact I wanted to share about myself with each of you today.

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