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Are you ready for some more tips on Growing Your Blog?  Today we are going to focus on building relationships with other bloggers and with the readers in your community. After today, you’ll realize why this is SO important! We’re going to talk about how to form friendships with other bloggers and then how to use that friendship to your advantage.

Before we get started, I have to say how important it is to be open and honest about sharing tips with others. This doesn’t mean you have to share your deepest secrets with the world or anyone who asks. It just means you should be open to sharing ideas and open to helping others who could learn from your advice. There is enough room on the internet for all of us, and keeping to yourself is only going to be harmful to you in the long run. No one wants to be friends with someone who just takes advice and doesn’t give it in return. And believe me when I say this- your blogging reputation is on the line. If you want to be labeled as the snobby blogger (and there is a label!) then this post is not for you. Consider this a warning. :) The more open and honest you are, the better off you’ll be!

With that said, let me share with you

10 SIMPLE Words of Wisdom about Blogging Relationships.

1. Volunteer

It’s not uncommon for bloggers to put something out in a post or on Facebook asking for people who are willing to donate items for a giveaway or to do a guest post for a series or special event they’re hosting.  Do it!  Giving away something you’ve made is great exposure for your blog and/or your shop.  If you don’t make anything, donate a Starbucks gift card or something else that’s not super expensive but will still appeal to readers.  You’ll most likely gain new followers who come to visit from the giveaway, and you’ll earn major cool points with the blogger who’s hosting it.  It never hurts to volunteer. Plus, once you’ve done something for a blogger, she’ll think of you in the future when she plans something and may personally ask you to participate again.

2. Follow Through

If you’ve agreed to give something away or post for another blogger, DO IT!  Be responsible.  If they give you a deadline when they want your post, stick to it.  Be early, in fact.  If they ask for certain information, provide it.  If you are giving something away, send it.  Following through is huge and it goes a long way in building and maintaining relationships.  I know that sometimes emergencies come up and if they do, try and give the blogger as much notice as possible because it puts her in a bind when you don’t. If you have a problem, communicate and let the blogger know what’s going on so you can come up with a solution together.  That way, you can maintain a positive relationship.  If you prove to be unreliable, that blogger won’t want to have you participate in events she plans in the future.

3. Giveaways and Product Reviews

Everyone likes to be promoted and to get the word out about their shop/blog.  If you see a product you really like in someone’s shop or a blog you particularly enjoy, ask the owner if they’d be willing to give away an item on your blog. It gives them added exposure and it will help boost your page views.

4. Link Parties for Exposure

There are so many link parties online now a days, and they could be a great way to get your projects seen by new readers. Link up as often as you have time for! If you host a link party, be a kind host and try to mingle with your guests.  The bigger your party gets, the harder it becomes, but try and have at least a goal for commenting on the projects people share.  It’s important to let people know we appreciate them taking the time to join the party and we appreciate what they’ve made.

5. Feature Others

When you see something really awesome that someone else made, feature it on FB or on your blog!  It gives other bloggers exposure and everyone appreciates that, especially if it brings them page views!  Pinning projects is awesome too- just make sure you pin from the original source whenever possible.

6. Blog Swap

This is the method I credit for most of my blog growth. When I was a new blogger, I set aside every Friday to swap blogs with someone for the day. How does this work? It’s easy! I would personally email a blog that I liked via email asking if they would like to share a project on my site while I shared one on theirs. We’d email each other the html for an entire post along that also had an introduction of ourselves and some links to some popular posts on our sites. This was a great way to “meet” me and visa-versa. I gained more readers (and pageviews!) doing this than anything else! I would suggest approaching blogs that are in the same niche as you and are roughly the same size as yours. You want this swap to be mutually beneficial. If you have your heart set on being seen by a certain blog audience from a site that is a lot bigger than yours, offer to do a guest post instead of a blog swap. I have never turned down a blogger who approaches me for a guest post IF the content and images are well-suited for my blog.

Internet Plagiarism Cartoon


7. Give Credit

Nothing brings out the ugly in a blogger like having his or her work plagiarized!  We all know it’s wrong to copy and paste someone else’s post or photo or project and claim it as our own.  If you were inspired by another project, mention it and link to it.  That blogger will appreciate the referral.  Using an image?  Credit the original source. Referring back to the original is a great way to make friends…and not doing so is a great way to make enemies.


8. Be Accessible

We’re all busy.  But it goes a long way when you’re able to respond to an email or answer a reader’s question.  It only takes a second to “like” someone’s post on your Facebook page or to send a “Thanks!” email in response to a comment.  Take the extra minute to help someone, especially if they’re a brand new blogger who could benefit from your “been there, done that” wisdom.  Communicating with your readers and followers as well as other bloggers builds real relationships and makes people want to keep coming back!

9. Be Nice

If you see a project and you don’t like it, keep it to yourself.  The blogging community is so encouraging- let’s all do our part to keep it that way!

10. Just be YOU!

Be yourself.  Share what really interests you.  Respond how you would to a “real” face-to-face friend.  Be authentic. (People can tell when you’re not!)  Let them get to know the real you because more than anything, THAT is what will connect you with other bloggers.

I hope some of these tips are helpful to you!

  If you have any other suggestions, leave us a comment- we’d love to hear your feedback!

{But be nice, remember #9!}

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    • amy says

      You bet, Val! And I’m sure there are lots of bloggers who would take you up on that!

  1. says

    Great post..just wanted to let you know I pinned it to my “Better Blogging” board (wink wink)…I have so much to learn!

    • amy says

      Thanks so much, Steph! Glad you’re pleased with the post! I just love being part of your team!

  2. says

    Great tips! I feel I connect with a few people, but it doesn’t seem to last. Maybe its me, or them…not sure. But, I’m still learning at this blogging thing, so I will try harder to form relationships, realizing that they take time to form. One problem I do run into is that since I am somewhat new and don’t have a huge following, I can’t get people to donate or collaborate on a giveaway. Any suggestions?
    Thanks again!
    Cindy @ Crazylou

  3. says

    These are great! I think the last tip was the most helpful for me, as I often find myself overanalyzing how and what I say on my blog and it is wonderful to hear that the most successful bloggers are those who are true to themselves. Stopping by from Hoyby Crafts! I would love for you to follow me!

  4. Rose :: Fine Craft Guild says

    Alright then. I’ll do a guest post for you. What topic would you like? Sometime in August is best for us. What about you? Have a happy day, Rose

  5. Amber @ Myth Busting Mommy says

    I really like the tip about letting people know when you pin their posts. I do lots of pinning but have never let any bloggers know that I like what they’ve written so much that I want to share it. So, here I go – I’m pinning this! Thanks so much for the great tips!