Guitar Tee

For week’s 4 challenge, I made this:

I must admit I haven’t ever used wonder under before and now that I have, I have a list of things I want to try!!! If you haven’t tried it, you must try it this week! Why?Well…

  1. It is cheap ($2-$3 a yard)
  2. It is is easy (cut out your shape, peel backing off, iron for 10 seconds, DONE)
  3. It is fun (I think it is my newest favorite craft supply!)

 This shirt took me maybe 10 minutes to do- and half of that was reading and re-reading the directions found HERE just to make sure I was doing it right!

And let me mention again how cheap it was!
  • I bought the shirt at Wal-Mart for $3.50
  • I bought the Wonder Under at JoAnns for $2.50 (that was a whole yard and I used a handprint-sized piece so I have plenty extra for more projects!)
  • I used scrap fabric that I was literally going to toss in the trash
  • I got the free pattern from Trey & Lucy

…basically the entire project cost me less than $4. You can’t beat that! 

Anyway, thank you Tanya for the inspiration! I am in love!
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    That's so cute! did you sew around the edges or just leave it? I have been wanting to do a project with the wonder under (the tie applique on the onesies for church :o) but I have been too chicken. So I guess it is time to give it a shot :o)

    P.S. I am excited for October now! LOL!

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    Isn't wonder under fabulous!! Love this t-shirt. I am going to have to go get that pattern. I use it ALLL the time. I am kind of obsessed with as of late too. My mom did lots of projects with it growing up. (Heads up, you want "lite" if you are going to sew on it and "regular or heavy" if you don't want to sew on it. Learned that the hard way.) Love love love the T-shirt. I made my boys pumpkin shirts this weekend. So fun.

  3. says

    So, cute…I think my friend and I will copy that idea soon.
    FYI: WOnderUnder at WalMart is less then $1.25 a yard…if your WM still has a fabric dept. that is.