What Happens In Vegas… Is Mommy Takes A Nap

When my husband said, “Honey, I have to go to Las Vegas for a few days for a convention,” my ears perked up.  I immediately started fantasizing about {not your typical thoughts of a vacation in Las Vegas} how my husband would be in meetings all day, and I could SLEEP in the hotel room during the days, and have date nights with my hubby at night.

“Can I go?”  He was so surprised to hear me say that I wanted to go, but then replied, “Oh.. with the kids too?” Umm… ok I love my kids ya’ll, but Mommy needs some sleep.  I have a potty training two year old, and a 4 month old who likes to wake up every night at 3:30 to drink some white gold.  So I looked at him and said, “No honey, if you’re ok with me tagging along, I’ll find someone to watch the kiddos.”  I kinda saw a little relief in his eyes, because let’s face it… two babies in Las Vegas would not be ideal for a family vacation.  :)

Although my second time in Vegas, I was still blown away at how busy this city is.  We hopped off of the airplane and went to grab a taxi.  Here’s a tip {or a warning, however you look at it} we had a major line to wait in to catch a taxi… on a Tuesday evening.  Craaazy!  So heads up, we waited 45 minutes for a taxi.

Las Vegas Relaxation Vacation

When booking the trip, I found an online deal to stay at the Stratosphere Hotel for $25.99 a night.  Whaaaat!?  I couldn’t believe it.  The hotel room was a bit small, but really… how much time do you spend in the room unless you’re asleep anyway?  Our room was recently renovated and was a great place to stay!

Another trick that I use when traveling?  {Especially in HUGE hotels in large cities}  I grab my phone and snap a picture of the room number when we first check in.  Why?  Because if you have a horrible memory like mine, {or if you’ve had a few cocktails that may deter your memory} you’ll always be able to look back in your photos at what your room number is.  :)

Las Vegas-2

One thing I love about Vegas is the abundant supply of food.  I was actually able to sit down and enjoy a meal without a toddler screaming that he didn’t want to eat mashed potatoes, or without holding a bottle in one hand and quickly shoveling food in my mouth with the other.

Breakfast in Vegas is sinful.  Ok… maybe I’m just the sinful one with what I choose to eat in Vegas.

Las Vegas-11

CHEAP food.  If you get out of the hotel to eat, you can always find a hole in the wall place that will try to draw you in with their super cheap meals.  {Surprisingly, most of the time those hole in the wall places turn out to be real gems.}

Las Vegas-5

Welcome to 2014.  I was so excited to see credit card machines in the taxi’s this time.  Before, I always had to make sure that I had cash on me for a taxi, and it always made me nervous carrying a wad of cash.  So this time, I swiped that card every time. Super convenient!

Las Vegas-6

Oh yeah… did I mention that I made a spa day out of my second day in town?  I hopped in the taxi and took myself down to the Mandalay Bay Hotel.  IT.WAS.AMAZING.

Las Vegas-7

I honestly don’t want to admit how long I hung out in this pool.  I’m sure the workers were about to kick me out for overstaying my welcome.  :)

Las Vegas-8

Don’t you love how it’s totally acceptable in Vegas to have a mimosa with breakfast?  Mimosa and coffee… breakfast of champions.

Las Vegas-9

Vegas is a great city to try new drinks out.  Wish I could remember what this drink was, but it was cute at least, right?

Las Vegas-10

We were visiting Las Vegas at a great time.  Chinese New Year was the theme in a few great hotels.  The décor was unbelievable.

Las Vegas-12

.Las Vegas-13

Las Vegas-14

We did get to experience Vegas nightlife every night,  and my husband begged me to get a photo of him with this character.  :)

Las Vegas-15

So although Las Vegas is your typical party-central, my husband and I were in bed by 9:00 almost every night, and it was one of the most relaxed trips we’ve had lately.

Thanks for following along, and I’ll be back next month to tell you about our trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico last week.  AH-MAZING.

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Take a picture with your phone of your hotel room number when you check-in, so you can always look back at your photos to remember which room you're in.

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    • Jessica says

      How awesome! You will have a blast there I’m sure! I do hope some of these things will help you on your trip! Have a great time!

  1. says

    The picture of your room number is BRILLIANT! I can’t believe I’ve been traveling for so long and have not thought of that. I usually don’t forget my room number, but every so often, I have questioned myself and it would be nice to have some verification! :) And $25.99 a night is a steal! Good job on that one!

    • Jessica says

      Excellent! I’m so glad that, that little tip can help someone out! So glad to hear it! Thanks so much on the sweet words! XOXO!

  2. says

    How fun! I love sneaking away with my husband on work trips. It’s definitely a nice break from toddlerhood! We went to Las Vegas for our honey moon and are planning a trip back for our 10th next year! I can’t wait!

  3. says

    I have been to Vegas so many times but have never really enjoyed myself there. I have always been there as a stop over or there for an event… Looks like I need to try it as a relaxation trip!

    • Jessica says

      Oh no! Yes… it can totally be a relaxing trip! Give it a whirl! Or at least get a massage at a spa while you’re there! :)