Happy Valentines Day… SUCKER!

I’ve seen so many cute handmade Valentine cards this year, thanks to my fabulous link parties as well as on Pinterest.

I adore the “We’re crazy for you” idea from Blue Cricket Design, and not just because those cuties are my nieces.

And I think this handprint idea from Crafty Nature would be so great for my preschoolers.

But perhaps my favorite idea (and quite possibly the most popular idea this year!) was the one created by Alissa of 24-7-365 in 2009. Here is Lara’s version from Less Cake More Frosting:

I love it because it’s personal, it’s simple, and it is stinkin’ cute!

I decided to re-create this idea, but my chronically grumpy 3 year old decided to make it extra difficult on me. (what’s new?!)

First, I asked him to get dressed in something other than his Superman pajamas.

I lost that battle.

Then I asked him (very nicely) to stand up straight, smile big and hold out his hand.

I lost part of this battle since the kid would NOT crack a smile.

Rather than press the issue, I snapped the picture and was done with it.

And then my friend Char came up with a great idea and turned the above picture into a Valentine card that totally fits this little guy’s personality!

(I could hug you Char, but you’d give me the stink eye and I get that enough around here.)

I uploaded the picture into Picnik and added a border and some text.

After I printed them, I just slit 2 places above and below his hands with my X-Acto knife and slipped the suckers into the card.

Minus the fight with my 3 year old to get the picture and the actual printing time, the entire thing took me less than an hour to design and put together.

See, not all things in life are difficult. Just the things that run around in Superman pajamas!sucker valentine

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