How to Get Rid of Comment Moderation on your Blogger Blog

Let’s talk a bit about a topic that is a pet peeve of a lot of bloggers:

Comment Moderation/Word Verification.

comment moderation 1

Raise your hand if you’ve ever tried leaving a nice comment on a blog only to discover they have the comment moderation enabled and you are instantly annoyed. (I see several hands going up in the back row.)

You’re annoyed because comment moderation is just “one more thing” you have to do.

You’re annoyed because you can’t decipher the dang “word” it wants you to type.

You’re annoyed because you’ve hit “Submit” 4 times now and you’ve been told each time by a red line of scolding-type text that the characters you entered were not correct.

…sound familiar to anyone? Just me?

First off, I have to say that many bloggers have this on their sites and they don’t even realize it. Why? Because it is the default setting when you start a blog on Blogger.

Other bloggers may have it because they’ve started to notice quite a few spam comments come through as their site gets more and more popular and they don’t know what else to do to keep those spammers away.

Don’t fret my blogging friends. Today I will show you what you can do to help combat spam comments AND I will show you how to take Comment Moderation off your blog- for GOOD!

Let’s get started…

First- Taking off Comment Moderation:

  1. Go to your blogger dashboard and click on SETTINGS on the left.
  2. Under SETTINGS, click on the POSTS AND COMMENTS.
  3. Scroll almost to the bottom of the page where you see  SHOW WORD VERIFICATION FOR COMMENTS and click “NO”.
  4. SAVE your settings.

It’s that easy- only takes a minute!

Second- Adding a Safeguard against Spammers:

Let me start out by saying I never use to get spam comments on my personal blog because it is a private blog and no spammers could get to it. I never understood why anybody would want Comment Moderation on their blog because I couldn’t see what the benefit was. Then I started this blog and shortly after launching I was getting 3-4 spam comments a day! SO IRRITATING! I started to realize the possible good in the CM, but I still hesitated putting it on my site because I hated it so much. Then I discovered a little tip! Follow me…

  1. Go to your blogger dashboard and click on SETTINGS on the left.
  2. Under SETTINGS, click on the POSTS AND COMMENTS.
  3. Scroll down to the question that says, “WHO CAN COMMENT?” and check “REGISTERED USERS- INCLUDES OPEN ID”.
  4. SAVE your settings.

By doing this, when your readers come to your site, they might have to check a box with their ID before they leave a comment, but that is way better than trying to decipher an often hard group of letters in a Word Verification, am I right?

There are so many times I sit there and wonder “is that an ol or a d?” I sometimes have to resubmit the dang thing several times just to get it right! My comment will be something short like, “I love this idea” and the word verification is “exasperationismistic.” (what the?!)

The only time I ever get a good laugh is when the word looks like a bad word, or like Google is sending subliminal messages to its readers:

comment moderation 2

I love visiting the links on my Thursday link parties, but leaving comments can take SO much time.

So how do I show my appreciation (because I really do want you here!) without spending too much time leaving comments?! By begging all my readers to take of the CM- pleeaasssee!!!

Who’d like to join me in the fight against CM? Let’s start an online protest ’til everyone takes it off their blog- how does that sound? Leave me a comment and we’ll pick our team captain! :)

This post originally published on Somewhat Simple in January of 2010


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  1. says

    Holy Cow! I was totally one of those people that didn’t even know I had it on! YIKES…because I totally can’t stand it either!!! Thank you so much for the tips!

  2. says

    I sent out the same plea on my blog last year. I can’t stand word verification. The good thing is Blogger filters spam really well but you still have to “delete” it on your dashboard. I’m going to check out my settings and do what you said there at the bottom.
    Have a lovely day.

  3. says

    I’ve blogged about this issue, too. I hate taking the time to create a comment only to find out that I’m now going to have to jump through hoops to leave it. I have taken to deleting these blogs from my list rather than wasting my time.

  4. says

    Thank you for this blog post. I stumbled upon it on Pinterest and though I was pretty sure I already had done this on my blog, I went to double check. I really appreciate it! And now for me to look around your blog some more.

  5. says

    i´m with you! it´s only little bit irritating for me cause comment moderation isn´t the same like word verification. cm means you have to check every comment before publishing. that i´m doing because of many spams in the last month. word verification i hate like you ♥ – your second way to stop the anonym comments is also good because spams are all anonym. thanx for the post :)

  6. Leanne R says

    I saw that mine had one last night! I was bummed to think of how many comments I might have missed out on!

  7. says

    good post- I hate spam but hate word verification too. I need to change it up. The other blogger peeve I hate is when they make it so you can’t see the entire post in google reader without going to their site. I have 100’s of blogs in my reader, and am not going to take the time to go to the post unless it REALLY interests me. I appreciate bloggers who allow their entire post to be seen in google reader- it saves me tons of time, and I am more likely to visit their blog more often in the future. :)

  8. Shar says

    OMG! Thank you so much for this post. I didn’t even realize I had this on my blog. When I read it I immediately removed the option and I feel so much better. Hopefully this will increase my comments.