How to Make a Homekeeping Binder

  Looking for a way to organize paper and important family information, a homekeeping binder might be a great way to corral all that info in one place.
Who needs a Homekeeping Binder?
anyone who wants a central place for family and/or home information
What Information Should Be Kept In a Homekeeping Binder?
any information that would normally be floating around on counters, drawers, or in your brain
Where Should I Start?
start by making a quick list of areas/categories that could use organizing in your home – if you have more than two or three, a binder is a great place to contain your information
Not Sure of Categories?  Here Are a Few:
meal planning
in case of emergency
while we’re away
home maintenance
school information
budget + bill paying
gift giving
contacts – family, friends, service companies
The Categories In My Homekeeping Binder?
meal planning
What Kind of Binder is Best?
any 3-ring binder will work – if it’s cute, I’ll be more apt to use it.  If you’re like me, pick out something cute.  My binder is from Target and coordinates in my kitchen.  You could also come up with a plan, have the pages printed out at a copy shop and have it bound into a book.
What Else Makes a Binder More Functional?
Post-It notes
pens, pencils, highlighters
hole punch
plastic sleeves
laminated pages
What Else?
You have to USE your binder and it has to be designed to work for you or else it’ll be time and money poorly spent.  Think through your categories and what will work in your home.
Tweak your categories and printables as you go until you get a system that you love.  I’ve been using a Homekeeping Binder for at least three years and it has morphed and changed with our lives, but the time that I have taken to organize it has been so worth it in time saved hunting for information.
Where Can I Find Documents to Help Me Create My Binder
Clean Mama Printables (my Etsy shop – shameless plug, of course)
(all printables in this post can be found in my shop)
printables on the web (here’s some freebies from me, too)
make them yourself (hand write or on the computer)
some documents will be ones that come to you – like a school calendar, take out menus, contact information
If you want to start (or tweak) a Homekeeping/Home Management Binder, you might want to consider my 2012 Starter Kit – 45 documents designed to take the work out of organizing your life!
I have oodles of other organizing goodness in the form of printables and printable kits in my shop to help you organize and streamline your life!


  1. 1

    lovely binder! will this finally be the month that I really do the household binder? i’ve been talking about it for a year and still haven’t pulled it all together….

  2. 2

    I need to add this to my to do list for sure! I love this idea Becky, thanks for the great post!

  3. 3

    What a great idea! I am going to make a binder this weekend! Thanks for sharing!

  4. 4

    Love your tips! Will definitely be attempting to build this over the next week. I’ve thought about it for a long time but now that our preschooler activity blog is growing (, I need better ways of managing the site plus the house plus my preschoolers!
    We’ll feature your post as a link-up on the blog once I complete the binder. Thanks for your tips!

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