How To Organize Little Girls’ Hair Accessories

Little girls look darling when their locks are adorned with bows, barrettes, barrettes with bows, headbands, feathers, and on and on. Adorable.

Storing those hair accoutrements when not on the head of a little one? Less so. In fact, it’s all too easy for them to end up in a jumbled mess. Here are some easy ways to organize little girls’ hair accessories.

Begin by gathering all the accessories together– they’ll likely be lurking in many different locations around the house. Once you have them assembled, sort through the pile, discarding anything that’s never worn, broken, or is apt to induce headaches in your little one’s poor brain (you know how some headbands can do that).

Next, sort the keepers by type: bobby pins, butterfly clips, barrettes, etc. You’ll want to find a storage system that allows these groups to stay separate, so that locating exactly what you (or she) needs is a cinch. I recommend a divider tray, like this linen version, and the one seen below:

This tray could either be housed inside of a drawer, or right out on a shelf or counter. Either way, it’s deep enough to accomodate all the hair accessories any one little girl could ever need.

When it comes to hard headbands, finding a successful storage system can be, well, hard. I’ve found that the best method is to find or create a tubular structure, which the headbands can fit snugly around. You can either use an oatmeal canister (the solution to almost every DIY project), a similarly shaped roll, or you can just use foam. The headband holder seen below took me around three minutes to assemble: take a sheet of foam, roll up it until it’s the circumference of the ‘bands, tape it off, and then cover with a material of your choosing (fabric, wrapping paper, or even durable cellophane will do) to prevent snagging. Secure by taping the underside, or using a glue adhesive, if you want to be more exact.

You can then pop the headband roll into a drawer or a basket.

Both of these systems will ensure that your little one’s hair ornaments are accessible and in order. If you liked this post, go ahead and pin the image below:

And if you’ve got any tips of your own for how to organize hair accessories, share them in the comments below.

Until next time!

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