How to Paint Your Countertops

This is an idea linked up to my Blog Link Party a while ago from Kim at Seven Thirty Three
She turned these green counters…

… into something very lovely!


All for only $35!
View the entire step by step process HERE
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paint counters

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  1. Lynn from For Love or Funny says:

    This is such a great idea…I wish I tried it before I bought new countertops!

  2. Marcie Chavez says:

    That's really neat! Does the paint chip easily, or has it been pretty durable?

  3. Kim @ seven thirty three says:

    Thanks for the feature Steph.

    Update on the counters:
    They have held up really well. I have not had any chipping or discoloration. Although in the first month or so we couldn't leave a curling iron or shaving creme bottle on it because it did leave a small imprint. Now that isn't a problem. I definitely WOULD NOT do this in my kitchen – way too much use and different items of different temperatures placed on it. But for my bath, it has worked perfectly!

  4. Thanks for the tip!! What a great idea.

  5. thanks for sharing I have often wondered if this was possible

  6. I actually did do this 2 years ago on my kitchen counters (painted them to look like granite) and they have held up perfectly! You can find my step-by-step video on my blog (to get the granite look)
    I am so not gentle with them! They are laminate so you can't put a hot pot directly on them anyway (will scorch) so that aspect didn't change with the painted part but I actually chop on mine & cut cookie dough & scrape bread dough off and nothing has chipped or discolored :) HTH someone who's thinking about it!
    @ Creative Kristi


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