Hula Hoop-la! One Dozen Hula Hoop Ideas

Playing with a hula hoop is something that kids all over the world experience. Who knew a simple plastic tube would turn into such a classic game? But there is actually so much more you can use a hula hoop for- take a look at the gallery we created with one dozen hula hoop ideas:

12 hula hoop ideas

To see each picture individually with links to each tutorial, click HERE.

To have your ideas featured on Somewhat Simple and Disney Spoonful, click HERE.


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    Have you ever heard of a craft used with a hula hoop as a carousel? What I have been told is hang it from the
    ceiling with fishing line, with crape paper hanging down from it in multiple colors. Like a carousel.
    I have know idea, cannot find anything on the web of what friends were speaking of, can you help?

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