Instagram Pendants

somewhatsimple_lifenreflection_ feature_instagram pennants

Like many, photography is big part of who I am.  Instagram is one of the easiest ways to share captures.  So, this results in many, many little square photos. What’s a girl to do with all these little photo squares??

somewhatsimple_lifenreflection_v_instagram pennants

Why not create instagram pennants for a gift or just for fun?


lnr_preview_instagram strips_1


Print your instagram photos at home with these free photo strips at Life-n-Reflection! For Photoshop users check out the clipping mask video for easy application.


somewhatsimple_lifenreflection_h_instagram pennants

Start with some square metal charms from your local craft store.  Then slip in your instragram photos and top with a chunk of glass. Seal it with mod podge or another strong clear drying glue. I like to use paper crafting supplies in odd ways too! So, if you have lots of ephemera or scrapbook embellishments filling your closets like me; then create a few more unique pennants to gift!



  1. 1

    I recently got coasters as a housewarming that allow you to put in your own pictures. I love the idea of using instagram pictures!

  2. 2

    Annie, instagram photos would look great in photos! Thanks for sharing ;)

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