Kid-Made Baking Cup Flowers

It’s almost May and that means Mother’s Day is just around the corner. There are a ton of great gift ideas out there, but you and I both know that your mom would just love something made by your kiddos. Well, she is in luck because today I am sharing a cute and easy springtime craft that your whole family can help with. Best of all, these baking cup flowers are made out of only two items that you just might have on hand!

baking cup flowers


Now, I don’t know about you, but I have a large collection of baking cups sitting in my pantry. Whenever I see cute baking cups on sale I snatch them up. However, life and skinny jeans get in the way and I just don’t bake that many cupcakes.

baking cup collection


Other than some cute cupcake liners, all you need to make these flowers are some green pipe cleaners. Each flower is made with one pipe cleaner and two baking cups. If you are not crazy like me and you only have white or pastel baking cupsĀ on hand, you can let your kids color or paint on them to add some additional color.

Start by poking a hole in the bottom of both baking cups and tying a knot a couple inches down from one side of your pipe cleaner.

make a baking cup flower


Flatten out one baking cup (my little boy loved smooshing them, but a gentle hand makes for prettier results) and thread it onto the short end of the pipe cleaner. Then add the intact baking cup.

threading a baking cup flower


Then simply fold the end of the pipe cleaner in the middle of the flower in half to secure the baking cups. The bit of folded pipe cleaner ends up looking like the structure in the center of a flower that attracts pollen (called a stigma).

make a baking cup flower


Before you know it your kiddos will have made a huge bouquet of baking cup flowers. Give them away on Mother’s Day or keep them for your kitchen table!

A bouquet of baking cup flowers made by kids.


Wishing all you Mother’s and Grandmother’s a Happy Mother’s Day!






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