Every Parent Needs this Book! “Kids In Training”

Have you ever wondered if you were taking full advantage of the time you have to parent your kids?

It’s easy to give our little ones love and affection… but what about helping them discover their true potential?

I am so excited to introduce you to “Kids in Training,” a book that takes a look at life lessons that will help lead to productive, responsible and grateful kids!

Becca {from Blue Cricket Design} announced last spring that she was taking some time away from blogging, and she spent the last 8 months reveling in the joys of being a full time mom! She focused more of her attention on the moments she could teach her kids important lessons, and thus the idea of this book was born!

She asked herself, “What are the things I want my kids to know how to do and do well once they leave my home? How can I help them learn?”

“My time as a mom of young kids could be more than car pool and bed time kisses. I felt an urgency to be teaching them more! I wanted to maximize my influence and take advantage of their young teachable spirits as best I could and yes, still kiss them good night knowing we all did our best that day!” -Becca

“Kids in Training” focuses in on 10 “training lessons” that will help you put new routines and┬áresponsibilities into action, and new provide you with opportunities for growth- not only for your kids, but for your whole family!

The topics are:

Becca dives into each topic and shares a few war stories and she talks about ideas and activities that are working in her home, with the hopes to inspire you to create new ideas for your own family. She share what is working, where she has failed miserably, and how gaining a grip on these concepts will help prepare our little ones to be productive, responsible and grateful kids!

“It’s been an adventure as I’ve discovered the potential that myself and my kids have had all along! These life lessons are helping us develop skills and a lifestyle that promotes family unity, team work and productivity. I hope and pray that you too can see the benefits of teaching kids at a young age the important skills that will help them join the real world prepared.” -Becca

This e-book is being sold as a downloadable PDF and will be emailed to you once your order is complete. It is 52 pages long and can be bought by following the link below! Check out is via Paypal. A million thanks to all of you for your support!

Click below to order your copy of “Kids in Training” for $5.95 (limited time only!)

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