K is for Kit Kat Pretzel Popcorn


I’m thrilled that Stephanie invited me to participate in her “ABC Create with Me” series! I chose the letter “K” for two reasons- First, my name is Kari and secondly, I knew I wanted to share something with my favorite “K” candy….Kit Kats! I have a thing for candied popcorn and I’m constantly trying new versions like my Oreo Cookie Popcorn or Snickers Popcorn. Today I’m sharing Kit Kat Pretzel Popcorn because who doesn’t love that salty/sweet combo right?! Here’s the simple recipe…


  • Popped Popcorn (I used one bag of microwave popcorn)
  • 1 C. of milk chocolate chips
  • 1 T. vegetable oil
  • 1 C. chopped pretzels
  • Broken Kit Kat pieces (about 2 reg size bars)


  1. Pop your popcorn using your favorite method. I just used the super easy microwaveable kind – Lay out popcorn on a parchment or wax paper-lined cookie sheet.
  2. Melt the chocolate chips and oil. Stir.
  3. Pour chocolate on top of popcorn and sprinkle with Kit Kat pieces and chopped pretzels.
  4. Mix all together. Let six for 45 minutes.

Serves: approximately 5 people.

Grab your favorite movie and ENJOY!!


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