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The long forgotten laundry room has been getting some well deserved love lately; and for good reason! Why should the most dreaded, time consuming chore take place in the darkest, dullest place in the house? Making your laundry room a fun place to be just might make doing laundry a little more manageable! Here are some laundry room redo’s and decor ideas we love!

1. Love this room @ SHOW & TELL, especially her DIY custom built washer/dryer cabinet!

2. AMAZING mud room over @ MONKEY SEE-MONKEY DO, I hope some day my husband grants me one of these too!

3. Vintage charm meets modern day convenience @ THREE PIXIE LANE.

4. Beautiful redo over @ THE PUMPKIN PATCH, she spray painted her cabinets, genius!

5. If this were my laundry room, you would probably find me outside rubbing my clothes in mud just to have an excuse to wash them! Check out all the adorable details @ LARSEN LOVES.

6. This sign @ RENTERS NO MORE made me smile, SOOO true!


A few days ago, I was watching the Today Show as I do most mornings while I’m getting ready. They had a segment on laundry rooms, here are some of the tips they offered:

• Buy Energy Star washer and dryer:
• the washer/dryer will pay for themselves over their lifetime in $ saved on your energy bill.
• the water saved over the washers lifetime is enough to fill 3 backyard pools!
• they use less detergent.
• no agitator=less wear and tear on your clothes (prolonging their life) and gives you more
space, allowing you to do fewer loads!

• Add shelves, closet rods and cabinets for more storage and to hang dry clothes. Check out for custom DIY orginazation,

• Paint your laundry room a color you love, making it a more desirable place to be!

• Baskets, baskets, baskets. The more organized you are, the quicker the job will go!

• When choosing flooring for a laundry room, avoid wood flooring and ceramic tile, go for something durable like porcelain tile (unglazed to prevent slipping when wet).


Originally posted on Crazy Domestic by Megan, August 2010

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  1. Jen-CraftOManiac says:

    Oh' My" what a super duper sweet comment you gave me on my blog and here on yours. WHY THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am truly flattered. I will grab your button for sure and follow you too. Pleare feel free to follow me at or my craft blot if you would like ;) Thanks again, and have a super day! Jenn

  2. Oh! Thank you for the 'shout out'. I love to see different laundry rooms. I sure love spending time in mine! :)

  3. Great post. Thanks for sharing so many great laundry rooms. I recently posted about my laundry room. I have to admit, it really does make laundry more fun when you love the space.


    Here's my laundry room:

  4. He & Me + 3 says:

    Way to go Jen! That is awesome…I do love your laundry room.

  5. He & Me + 3 says:

    Way to go Jen! That is awesome…I do love your laundry room.


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