Leah’s Trip to the ER

I had my first experience as a mom at the ER a few weeks ago. It was not a good day for me (or my daughter, for that matter!)



Leah and Ethan decided to be hyper and act crazy as I rushed through the produce section at WalMart. I literally had to get 3 things for a salad  to partner the dinner I was making for a friend that evening. I was trying to hurry and get the heck out of there, and the kids were driving me crazy by running around, jumping on and off the cart, and grabbing each other and swinging around.

Just and I was ready to head to the checkout line, I heard Leah crying. She was about 20 feet away from me by the birthday cakes and when I glanced in her direction, I saw blood.

“Great.” I said, “Now look at what you guys did! If you weren’t acting crazy, this wouldn’t have happened. I can’t take you guys anywhere!”

I didn’t even ask how it happened, but she was holding her chin, Ethan was helping her off the floor and both of them had blood on their hands. The baker came from behind her counter with a paper towel. I told Leah to apply pressure on her chin with the paper towel and that face wounds always bleed a lot and she would be fine.  I asked the baker for one more paper towel to wipe up my daughter’s blood on the floor and she was very kind and got it right away.

She also came back with a first aid kit and handed me a small bandage.  Leah took the paper towel away from her chin so I could put on the band aid and that’s when I saw the wound for the first time. It was huge. I instantly knew this gash that looked like a second set of lips would not be covered with a small band aid- this would require a trip to ER.

leahs stitches

To spare you all the rest of the boring details, she did have to get stitched up- 6 sutres total, and she didn’t cry or flinch a bit when the doctor did it all- such a a trooper!

The next 10 days were spent changing band-aids and watching her face heal and when she got her stitches removed, we began applying a cream to help reduce the scar. As a mom of 4 kids under 8 years old, I know the odds are not in my favor when it comes to scrapes and wounds, but here’s to hoping our trips to the ER are few and far between!!!


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