Lessons I Learned about Bloggers at SNAP! 2012

  1. Bloggers are nice. Marjory from Elk Dresses and her mom Sylvia left the conference the first day and drove all the way to the airport to pick me up so I wouldn’t have to pay for a shuttle! Seriously the nicest thing someone has done for me in a really long time!
  2. Bloggers are tough. Don’t ever tell Char that no one listens to housewives or you might get punched in the throat. You’ve all been warned.
  3. Bloggers like yummy food. I didn’t want to go home and start cooking again! This conference had the best food, the best company and the best dinner conversations! {And some of us can eat an entire plate of food in about 3 seconds.}
  4. Bloggers are real. “Getting paid to blog is nice, but Be authentic and don’t sell out! -Tauni
  5. Bloggers need watermarks on their pictures. I’ll start adding one to my photos after this post. Or the next one after that.
  6. Bloggers are fashionable.Lara predicts that Cobalt Blue and Kelly Green will be the colors of 2013. And yes, that is a suitcase full of shoes. Yes, the conference was only 3 days, and yes Kristy is always dressed cute from head to toe!
  7. Bloggers are Inspiring. …and they find inspiration everywhere- even on a kotex box!
  8. Bloggers are confident. “If you act small, you will be treated small. Stand out, do what you think is cool and be happy with yourself.” -Lara {And Ps. I love Lara with or without her Ambien!}
  9. Bloggers take risks. “If you have something you want to do, do it, because no one is promised tomorrow!”-Amanda Padgett
  10. Bloggers are happy. “Being happy with yourself and happy with your home should be your trend.” –Mandi
  11. Bloggers are creative.The Snap! cake was A-Mazing, the Business Card Cookies were the talk of the conference and the Yarn Ball Cupcakes were ADORABLE!
  12. Bloggers connect. …and they re-connect. Tasha and I grew up together, but we hadn’t seen each other in almost a decade!
  13. Bloggers are fun. {Sometimes we have a little too much fun!}
  14. Bloggers like to shop. The Queen Bee Market was awesome, but I wonder if my husband was the only one who was less-than-thrilled when he found out there would be shopping available at Snap!
  15. Bloggers are friends in real life. Some have been your friends for over 15 years, and some you hope to stay close with for a really long time!
  16. Bloggers are chatty. No really- we like to talk.
  17. Bloggers are supportive. Late-night conversations with bloggers include plenty of laughs, advice, hugs and tears. {And they could even start to resemble a testimony meeting!}
  18. Bloggers come in all shapes and sizes.
  19. Bloggers plan ahead.Some of us are already planning our son’s birthday party for September of 2013 (Kendra, ahem.) and some of us are already planning to attend Snap! 2013- you should come too! Details are already in the works and this is seriously one conference you will not want to miss out on!
    Bloggers aren’t all of these things on this list all of the time, because bloggers are not perfect. We compare ourselves with others and fall victim to criticism. All too often we get discouraged and overwhelmed, but Snap! was a great way to connect with the creative blogging community and encourage each other to be and do better.

 To sum up Snap! in just a few words, “It was freakin’ awesome and I can’t wait for next year.”

Make sure you add your wrap up post to the Snap! website if you haven’t done so already!

Thanks to all the ladies I was fortunate to meet and get to know just a bit better.

(And thanks to those who let me grab some of these pictures for this post!)

Pictured on this post:
Featured Image- Wendy, Tara, Me, Becca, Melissa, Elyse, Becca, Camille, Me, Traci
1- Marjory and Silvia
2- Char, Jamielyn, Jen
4- Jamielyn, Tauni
7- Heather, Lindsey, Ashley, Jessica, Liz
8- Kristy, Lara
10- Mandi, Becca, Me, Jen
12- Me, Heather… Me, Tasha
13- Me, Mandi, Becca
15- Becca, Me, Kristyn
16- Shelley, Orson Gygi girls!, Zoe and Jeremy Jeanee, Becca, Me
17-  Kami, Me, Becca
18- Becca, Megan
19- The Snap Team

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  1. says

    Oh my freakin’ heck….I love you so much I can barely stand it. How do I even start to tell you? You make me laugh. You make me bawl. You drive me home when I might have an actual breakdown. And I can’t remember…but did I drop an “F” bomb in front of you? Please say no. Because I did drop one….and I’m pretty sure I need to see the bishop now. I love you forever. And I will probably see you in a couple months for a trip to SAS and Sprinkles.

  2. Marjory @ Elk Dresses says

    As I’ve been struggling with my pesky body shape (thanks, hormones! I hate you!), it was so nice to be surrounded by REAL women who have had babies, like food, and still dress like fashionistas.

    We’ll pick you up anytime! :)

  3. says

    Your post was perfect. I have been so inspired to attend next year, and I think your post sealed the deal!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Joani says

    Awesome. Loved the pictures. Especially “all sizes.” Thanks for sharing.

  5. Victoria @obSEUSSed says

    A great wrap-up with short thoughtful captions. I love how you describe bloggers. It is so true, tough, fashionable, creative and all. I don’t think I got to meet you at SNAP but I hope to next year.