Life in the Backseat

If your backseat could tell its story, what would it say?

life in the backseat

When it comes to car rides, my kids are a lot like me-
they can’t stay awake if the drive is longer than 20 minutes!

When they aren’t sleeping, boredom can definitely get the best of them sometimes, and things can turn a bit chaotic. We don’t necessarily have a disco party like they do in this video…

…but I have had several “mommy meltdowns” when the kids are being loud and crazy in the backseat. Case and point: Here is a journal entry I wrote last year- 

As much as I would like to have perfect days with perfectly mannered kids, having bad days really makes you appreciate the good times.

Opposition in all things, right?

Not long ago I was having one of those days. I don’t remember the details of what put me in the mood I was in nor where my family was headed, I just remember all 6 of us were in the car and the kids had taken the noise level beyond what was frustrating and obnoxious.

My many attempts to quiet the children in the back of the car had failed and I could feel the frustration mounting.

I was just about ready to lose my cool (or maybe I had lost it already and the kids didn’t care, I can’t remember!) But that is when my husband said something profound that I will never forget.

He simply said, “I know they are being loud and crazy, but listen to how much fun they are having- they are creating memories!”

And then I smiled. I might have rolled my eyes first, but the point is, I got there and he was right.

Yep, they were loud (really, really loud) but they were laughing and they were having fun.

Someday those belly laughs will just be memories and how grateful I am that I will have those sounds stuck in my mind forever.

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