LOVE Applique Towel for Valentine’s Day

Are you familiar with the Love Sculpture by Robert Indiana?  It sits in Love Square in Philadelphia.  And, it is one of my favorite pieces of urban sculpture.


Totally inspired by the Love Sculpture, I decided to put a love applique on a kitchen towel?  Can you see it hanging in your kitchen?  Me, too.


Making your own LOVE Applique Kitchen Towel is easy.  Here’s what you need:

Love Sculpture Applique Supplies:

  • 1 White Kitchen towel
  • Red Fabric Scraps (1/4 yard)
  • Fusible Web (Steam A Seam 2, WonderUnder, Heat ‘n Bond)
  • Wright’s Red 1/2″ Single Fold Bias Tape
  • Red Thread
  • Scissors


Step #1:

Download and print the LOVE pdf with the reversed applique letters.

Tracing LOVE in Reverse 600 x_edited-12

Step #2:

Lay the fusible web OVER the pdf that you’ve just printed.  Trace each of the REVERSED letters onto the paper side of the fusible web.  FYI:  The ‘O’ isn’t reversed.


Step #3:

Rough cut around each letter that you’ve just traced.  NOTE:  You do not need to precisely cut each letter until all of the letters have been fused to the back of your fabric.


Step #4:

Fuse the letters to the back of the fabric according to the product’s directions.  Be careful not to get any of the fusible web on your iron – the letters tend to curl at the edges.


Step #5:

Precisely cut out the letters on the lines you have drawn and set them aside.


Step #6:

Add a piece of red bias tape 3″ from the bottom edge of your kitchen towel. Pin to hold.


Topstitch with white thread on both edges of the bias tape.  Fold under the bias tape at the sides of the towel.


Step #7:

Before fusing the letters to the towel, carefully lay them out.   You may want to print out this LOVE pdf Template to help with the lettering layout.  {On my first attempt, I put my “O” in the wrong direction}

To center the design, fold the towel in half and press in a center seam.  Lay a small ruler on the top edge of the bias trim.  Peel the paper backing off of the “V” and the “E”.  Center the letters between the fold line.  Fuse to the towel with a hot iron.


Next, line up the “L” above the “V”, but don’t fuse it to the towel, yet.  Because the “O” is slanted, it is the last letter you want to place on the towel.  You will need to work with it a little to get it exactly right.

Once the “L” and the “O” are lined up, press them with a hot iron to fuse.


Step #8:

With matching thread, straight stitch carefully around each letter.  Really take your time with the top stitching.  Stitch just inside the cut edge.  Use white thread in the bobbin for a clean back on the towel.


And, you are done.  The hardest part of this project is getting the letters lined up before fusing.  Just take your time and it will turn out fine.

18 - 600 x_edited-1


If you have a Silhouette Cameo, then this project just got easier.  Click here for Silhouette directions.

Make a few towels and share some love this Valentine’s Day.

18-600-x_edited-1About the Author: Leslie is a creative mom and grandma and author of the site Sugar Pie Chic

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    That is so cute! I just made my first applique…on a tea towel no less…of a deer head. I am a total novice sewer, so it was kind of a hot mess. I can’t believe you’re able to sew that straight of a line so close to the edge!!! amazing!