Lunchbox Jokes


lunchbox jokes

It’s that time again, packing lunches, all in a row, trying to so hard to get them out on time!  It’s a ritual that so many moms and dads take part in each and every morning!  Why not make the mornings {and lunchtime} a bit more fun and add in Lunchbox Notes to surprise your little loves, and have fun in the process!  Print out these Lunchbox Jokes.

lunchbox jokes

Cut the cards out and hide the “answer” somewhere in their lunchbox, making it a fun game they’ll love to play!  Leave the “joke” inside the lunchbox, but on the top of all their snacks and yummies!

lunchbox jokes

They’ll read their lunchbox jokes and then have a blast searching for the answer to the joke!  Even the BIG kids would like these!  My mister loves to figure out the answer to the jokes – and then there’s me – can’t remember a joke even 5 minutes after I hear it!

lunchbox jokes

Click HERE to download your free lunchbox jokes!

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  1. 1
    Dusti Samuelson says:


    I can’t download the lunch box jokes! I love love love them! Can you help me? There is no button where the blog says there should be and I click on the words download here and nothing happens.


    • 2
      Stephanie says:

      Oops! The link was broken- we just fixed it so you should be able to get them now. Thanks for stopping by!

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