Make Your Own Birth Announcements


I made some simple birth announcements with the photos I had taken from Jacquilyn Avery Photography and I couldn’t be happier with the results!

First, I designed a collage & added some text using Then I printed these off at Costco.

The original plan was just to mail these as is, but I thought I could be a bit more creative!

So, I gathered some paper:

If you get paper that is double sided- even better! I just used what I had on hand, so because it was white on one side, I folded each sheet in half and glued the 2 sides together.

Then I glued the announcements onto the scrapbook paper.

I wanted a border of scrapbook paper on the top and the bottom of each picture. This left a little bit of extra paper on each sheet.  I cut this extra paper in half and centered it over the middle of the picture. Then I folded the sides over to the backside.

The last step was to add a simple ribbon around the entire card with a knot in the front. I also burned the edges with a match to avoid fraying.

I had these envelopes on hand from other cards I made- they are super cheap at Wal-Mart and come in white and cream. These announcements fit perfectly inside them!

And there you have it!

This post originally published on Somewhat Simple in October 2011

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  1. How darling. Welcome, baby.

  2. Those turned out adorable!!! Love love love them!

  3. Love the announcements. I also love to make things from Picnik! However, I can never get the sizing right, so when I print them they always cut off the sides of the cards. Do you resize or crop the image to get the right size? Thanks!

  4. These are so lovely! What a great way to share even greater news! =) x

  5. Diatomaceous Earth says:

    Wow! I wish I had seen these a few months ago. They are stunning. So creative and beautiful!