My Master Bedroom

I think this week has been my favorite week of the challenge yet! Here is my master bedroom!!!
  That picture above my bed was supposed to be temporary! It is too small for the space, and in a $5 cheap IKEA frame. It has been up on the wall for about 4 years now… so much for temporary!

  I left my bed un-made to give you a messier effect!
Take note of the blankets on the floor. My 3 year old comes in for a slumber party almost nightly around 2 am…
So I gave the place a good deep clean, then I decluttered my dresser and night stands, and then I decorated with some new throw pillows and a new picture arrangement above my bed. I am ecstatic about the results!
(Easy tutorial for both projects shown HERE!)
It is all about me and Rob, and that’s how a master bedroom should be, right?

No more blankets on the floor
No junk on the chair and my nightstand
 Just another view
After looking at it, I can’t decide if I love the new pillows. I think I might go back to the old ones I have had. What do you think?

Do you like the new blue pillows or the old taupe ones? I like the color of the new ones, but I like the look of 3 in a row and the new ones were sold as a set. (They were $18 for 2 @ Kohls, is that worth it?) Opinions needed! My husbands opinion doesn’t count ’cause he really doesn’t care! HELP!!!
So there it is, my master bedroom!!!
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  1. pk says

    Very serene retreat you have there now! I really like the new pillows and the color punch they give the bed. If you decide you really can't stand the way they're arranged (which I do like) you could still do the "lined up" arrangement with the two blue pillows on either side of the gray one (at least that's what color it looks on my screen – who knows? :-)). Great job!
    pk @ Room Remix

  2. annie2006 says

    ur room looks lovely. i like the blue – gives a bit of colour and 'lifts' the room :) really like your picture arrangement above the bed, but i bet the floor blankets are back by morning lol

  3. The Harris Family says

    I love your picture arangment! I also like the new pillows. YOu did a great job it looks so relaxing.

  4. Kristin says

    I really like that new look. The room definitely needs a little colour, but if you don't love the blue – consider covering the old ones, you could do it really reasonably and there are some great tutorials for cool covers. (If you want some ideas I'll send more).. Love the new wall hangings.

  5. john:and:aim says

    Definitely keep the new ones! I love the color and they look great how you positioned them on the bed. Matchy-Matchy isn't always the best :)Good job with the room!

  6. Jennifer @ The Craft House says

    Very, very nice! I love the refreshed space!

    My vote is for the new throw pillows, they bring color and dimension to the bed.

  7. Tasha says

    I LOVE it! Love it. I would have to say I love the new pillows more because of the color. Really like them. The new picture arangement is AWESOME. Love the R and S. You are so creative.

  8. Ashley Garrett says

    I absolutly love the pictures above the bed. I have been trying to come up with something for our master and I think I may borrow your idea with a few touches of my own. As for the pillows. I love them. When you do the tutorial could you please put what sizes the frames were? Thanks so much and gave a great week.


  9. Linds@ THAT'S SO CUEGLY says

    MMMMMM…I cant wait to spruce the MASTER!! It's in MORE THAN NEED, and hopefully will get attention soon!
    I LOVE LOVE you new look! Beautiful and relaxing!
    Love the NEW pillows!

  10. Rebecca D. says

    I'm a color freak so I say get the boldest color punch in a pillow you can and if it's blue or tan go for blue.

  11. Heather says

    Use all of the pillows! Then make or buy one more for the very front. Something graphic or punchy. I'm with Becca, a color freak.

    I'm also a pillow freak. I have like 20gazillion billion trillion pillows on my bed. Ok, so it's 12. But still.

    If I may be so bold, if it was my bed, I'd buy 2 or 3 Euro pillows and shams and line those up in the back, then your two white pillows in front of that, then I'd play with arranging the 3 tan and 2 blue pillow and use the singular statement pillow right in front. I'd probably do them all standing up straight and close together.

    Even without doing that, using all 5 pillows will make your bed look more luxurious.

    And to the point of the post, your new artwork is really beautiful above the bed! What a difference that made!

  12. Twinmommy2boys says

    Love the new look! Also I have 3 year old twins who both come in our room nightly about 3am. I took their old crib mattresses and pull them out at night and slide them under the bed during the day.

  13. Treasia Stepp says

    I really love the look of the new pillows myself. Just the right amount of color in them.

    I would love to invite you to stop by my blog to enter a fabulous giveaway I am having. It's in celebration of my new Etsy store: T's Treasures.