Lemonade Stand for a Good Cause

“My mom didn’t teach me how to love, she lived and let me watch her do it.”

My mom is the most amazing woman I have ever met. Her heart is the size of the entire world!  Everyone who knows my mom feels loved by her. She raised 5 children of her own, and she ran an at-home daycare for over 25 years.

She is surrounded by kids everyday and rarely, if ever, loses her temper. (Why didn’t her patience transfer to me?!) She is slow to anger and she is gentle and kind. Kids love her and parents trust her. I trust her with everything!

The strength of my mom is the quality she possess that is most inspiring to me. Shortly after the birth of her 4th child, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I was 8 at the time and knew nothing about MS, but I knew it must be a serious condition because I had never before seen my mom and dad scared.

She explained to me that MS was a disease that would attack the nerves in her body. She used an electrical cord as an example to show me and my younger siblings the similarities between our nerves and that cord- “Just like the cord has the plastic coating covering the wires inside,” she said, “our nerves also have a protective coating over them. MS attacks that coating until it hardens and falls apart, leaving the nerves exposed.”

As gentle as she tried to make her words sound, I too became very nervous about how our life would be changing because of this diagnosis. I remember praying so hard for the first time that I could remember asking God to take away this disease.

Over the years I have seen my mom turn into a fighter, and though discouraged and bruised at times, she never gives up and is determined not to let this disease win the battle of her lifetime.

We have been lucky, as her case is slow-progressing, so even after struggling for over 20 years, she is still functioning almost as normal as she was before the diagnosis. She has episodes of unbalance, times of blurred vision, permanent numbness in her fingers and toes and pain and discomfort here and there, but seeing what MS could be like reassures me everyday that God did hear the prayers of that 8 year old little girl.

About 10 years after my mom started fighting MS, her younger sister who was only in her early 20’s was also diagnosed with this disease. Her condition is not as slow progressing as my mom’s and it has effected her physically as well as mentally, making her completely incapable of living on her own. Seeing my young aunt struggle with this disease has me more and more determined to fight with and for all those who are suffering from it.

Making Lemonade

When my oldest son came up to me a few weeks ago begging to do a lemonade stand,  I knew he wanted to earn money for a trip to the toy store, but I only agreed to help him if he raised money for a greater purpose. I took the time to explain to him about charity work and how his lemonade stand could be used for good. We talked a bit about grandma’s condition and he was soon on board and excited to raise money for the Accelerated Cure Project for Multiple Sclerosis, a charity focused not only on treatments for MS, but mostly on finding a cure for this disease.

One Saturday morning, we baked some cookies, made a sign and headed out the door with 2 pitchers full of lemonade.

The whole family came along for the experience, and in just 30 minutes, we had sold all the cookies and lemonade and had made over $30! (*Note to everyone who stopped by, THANK YOU! I will never, ever, EVER pass a lemonade stand and not buy some lemonade! It makes a kid’s day, I tell ya!) Our first contribution to this charity wasn’t anything spectacular-it was something and it was a start, but Ethan and I want to do more!

I have said before that I feel so lucky to have this blog as an awesome platform to do good and bring attention to issues and matters that are close to my heart.  My mom is the best! She is my teacher, my example, and she is my best friend. Proceeds from the sales of items in my shop will be donated in her honor. Thanks for readin

Wife, mom of 5, and creator of Somewhat Simple, Stephanie has a passion to create and inspire. She is an Orange County transplant who is now enjoying life in Phoenix, AZ. She enjoys traveling, shopping, organizing, cooking and creating simple projects for her home and family.
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  1. Mandi says

    Crap I click to head over to your shop and it wants me to login and won't work. . . wha??

  2. becca says

    my mama was diagnosed with ms when i was in high school. she is still doing well, but struggles with not being able to do everything she wants to do. this fundraiser is a great idea. i will be checking it out asap.

  3. steph says

    my mom was also diagosed with MS. She has lived with it for 20 years. She has the progressive kind where it never goes into remission. She is now totally bed bound and can't even do the simplest of tasks, like open a tube of chapstick. I would love to for a cure to be found for this disease.
    Thanks for putting together such a great fundraiser to help find a cure. I know if would help so many people!

  4. Katie P says

    Like you, I too had a mom diagnosed with MS when I was very young. It was a very scary time, but with God's blessing she also has a very slow-progressing disease that is being maintained with weekly shots. I feel so lucky sometimes that she was not affected as strongly as other people.

    I just bought some earrings for her, I'm sure she'll love them :)

    Also, have you read the book 29 Gifts? It's a wonderful story of finding the ability to deal with MS by giving to others, whatever you are able to give. I highly recommend you read it!

  5. Steph @ somewhatsimple says

    Hey Mandi-
    I fixed the link, so it should be working now!

    We can find a cure together! I'd love to help your mom get up and around again!

    And Katie-
    You are the first one to place an order! 1 down, 14 to go! And my mom also takes those shots- but she takes them every other day. Thank goodness for modern medicine, right?

  6. The Picketts says

    Stephanie, This is a great idea! I love it. Especially since I just lost my mom to ALS. ALS and MS are linked very closely. In fact, the majority of the ALS products that my mom used (i.e., her speaking device) came from the MS/ALS foundations in CO. I am going to head over to OpenSky and get myself some earrings! :o) Good luck to your sweet mom! And please HUG your mom for me, since I am not longer able to! GOOD LUCK!

  7. The Picketts says

    I meant no longer able to hug MY mom! (I'm sure your mom wouldn't mind an extra hug from ME..ha ha ha).

  8. Steph @ somewhatsimple says

    I didnt know you lost your mom, I am so sorry! We need to keep in touch better! Every time I see you something else has changed!
    I will hug my mom- once for me and once for you. :)

  9. Stacy says

    I really like this post, I was diagnosed with MS in 2005, and i do really well also, I have the normal numbness, fatigue, but overall I am good, I will keep up with you guys from now on!!

  10. Lil' Luna says

    Hey Steph! This is such a great cause. I know I'll be seeing you Saturday at the Tour de Thrift, but let me know if you would like me to donate some products that you can sell to raise even more money. I would love to help – seriously! :)

  11. Norma Lee @ Norma Lee Good says

    This is a great idea. I have MS and was diagnosed a year ago. After my pregnancy I will do another MRI to determine how my MS has progressed. I take a daily shot but I am pretty sure my disease has progressed just based on my symptoms and it always seems like something else is going on. Prayers, my family and my 2 year old get me through each day. A sense of humor can get you through anything and that is my outlook about how to cope with MS. I started blogging as a way to cope with not being able to be outside in the Texas heat- which I used to thoroughly enjoy. I will have to stop by. Thank you for your commitment to finding a cure for MS.

  12. CraftyMummy says

    Thanks you for sharing. Your post really resonated with me as my mum has MS too. I'm in Australia so a bit hard to buy, but I have tweeted your post just now. You've also given me a "push" about the things you can do with a blog… Thanks

  13. Liz says

    Thank you for all of your efforts to raise awareness and supporting the search for a cure! A year ago, just a month before I turned 25, I was diagnosed with MS after 4 months of testing. I am like your mom in the sense that I have moments where I feel "off" but most of the time I am just as I was before my diagnosis. My daughter was 8 when I was diagnosed as well. Thanks again, Liz.

  14. Brenda says

    I just ordered mine! This is such a great thing you're doing Steph. And your mom is so strong. I'm proud that she's my Aunt!

  15. Tiffany says

    I just found your site today and ordered me a pair of earrings. I was having some neurological problems last year and they told me that it was probable that I had MS but after lots of test so far nothing is pointing to MS. The scare of the possibility has changed my life forever and I will pray for your mom :)

  16. Sara says

    My mum also has MS and is lucky to be able to use Beta Interferon drugs to use them (it's expensive so it's very hard to convince the local NHS board to allow people to have it in the UK). All the best for your fundraising xx