My Pet Ghost

After much nagging and whining, I decided that Halloween was the perfect time to let my kids get their own pet.  They each wanted a cat or dog, but I told them I wanted an animal in a cage and I had the perfect pet in mind:

This is my family’s Pet Ghost Charlie, do you like his home?

They weren’t too thrilled with this project once I introduced what it was, but we all got a good laugh… eventually!

Charlie is the same ghost my mom used to blame things on when I was a kid! Every mom knows there has got to be someone responsible for the toys all over the floor, the lights left on in rooms and toilets not being flushed, right? As a kid, each time we’d say, “It wasn’t me” my mom would reply, “It must’ve been Charlie the Ghost then, right?” {And I find myself saying the same thing to my kids! }

Here is how I made it:

Last week I went to Lowes on the hunt to get some supplies to make something fabulous for Halloween and I came across these black lanterns on clearance for $3. I brought it home, added some vinyl lettering and dots to the sides and in 15 minutes {or less} I gave Charlie a new home!

Now when I ask the kids who left the peanut butter on the counter, I will let them know Charlie was in his cage the entire time so they can’t blame it on him.


(This post originally published on Somewhat Simple in October 2012)

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