Our Sporadic Family Trip-Hot Springs Arkansas

Hey All!  I’m back to tell you all about a place we’ve traveled to recently… Hot Springs Arkansas!  Why did we go?  Honestly… the weatherman was calling for a ton of snow where we live, so we packed the kids up and got the heck outta dodge so we could avoid it.

So pack your bags! I wanna take you along on our spur of the moment trip, and show you the gorgeous and great things we found in Hot Springs in the “off-season.”  {I’ll also fill you in on a few “travel tips for kids,” that I found useful!}

Quick overview: we have a 2 year old, and a 2 month old {at the time of this trip}, so if you have kiddos, you know how stressful a long car ride can be.  Well let me tell you something that may change the way you feel about traveling with kids.  For Christmas, Santa gave our 2 year old a lap tray for long car rides.  THANK YOU SANTA!  Our son was able to play with his trains, color, eat lunch on the go, and I didn’t hear a peep ONCE, on our 5 hour road trip.

Hot Springs Arkansas Vacation

Now we do have a DVD player in the car.  That helps a TON!  But remember I have a 2 month old.  TV’s not gonna cut it, so we just had a toy attached to his car seat to entertain him when he got a little “antsy.”  :)

Hot Springs Arkansas Visit-2

The scenery in Hot Springs Arkansas is GORGEOUS!  Unfortunately for the time we were in Hot Springs, it was a little chilly and wet, but even then it was beautiful to look at.

This is the main road that takes you to the top of Hot Springs National Park.  What an absolute joy it was to drive through and take it all in!

Hot Springs Arkansas Visit-4

Almost all the way up to the top of the mountain, the roads were lined with tons of character which is rare to see in commercial areas these days!

Hot Springs Arkansas Visit-5

We made it to the TOP!  This view is unbelievable, and definitely a “must see.” No worries, if you’re afraid of heights, you don’t have to get this close to the edge. :)

Hot Springs Arkansas Visit-6

When we travel, we can’t wait to find  a “hole-in-the-wall,” eating establishment.  That’s part tof the fun, right?  Well we found “Bubba’s Catfish To-Go,” and so glad that we did!  It was cold out, so we had to eat it in the car, but I think that made it more of an experience!  It was YUMM-O!

Hot Springs Arkansas Visit-8

Then there’s my husband.  The 30 year old, going on 60.  He’s starting to love going antique shopping.  So he “Broke” for an antique store, and the kids and I sat in the car so they could finish their nap.  {I swear, if I find a bumper sticker that says, “I brake for antique stores,” I’m getting him one.}

Hot Springs Arkansas Visit-9

It was such a relaxing, quiet destination and perfect for our little family getaway.  If Hot Springs isn’t on your bucket list, I’d suggest getting it on there this instant!  I recommend waiting until it warms up, so you can attend the horse races, and visit the bathhouses.  We didn’t get to do that this trip, but have been told they’re amazing!

Have you been?  What would you recommend about Hot Springs?  Next month… I’ll be back with details from our Las Vegas trip!  Two words: So.Fun.


{Want to know more about our trip?  Which hotel did we LOVE that we stayed in with 2 kids?  Visit me at Fantabulosity and I’d be happy to fill you in!}

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Hot Springs Arkansas, National Park

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  1. says

    I laughed so hard when I saw this because I grew up there, and my parents still live there! It is definitely beautiful. You’ll have to try the bathhouses. They’re so nice and relaxing. One of the best kept secrets there is Garvan Gardens. OMG. So, so beautiful, especially Springtime with they have FIELDS of daffodils and tulips.

    • Jessica says

      Oh you’re kidding!? We will for sure check all of that out! So glad you told me about it before we planned our next trip! Thank you!!!

  2. Mitzi O says

    Ok, I am from this area and I have to add a couple of things…. Yes, I totally agree with Jillayne, you MUST visit Garvan Woodland Gardens! Look it up! It is a HUGE garden with walking trails, you could spend a day there and it is beautiful ANY time of the year and the lights at Christmas are amazing! The horse races are going on now. Oaklawn runs from late January to early April. The antique shop that you stopped at is actually in Bismarck, 20 miles south of Hot Springs. Next time you visit take your kiddos to Mid-America Museum! But WELL DONE stopping at Bubba’s!! It is so good!!

    • Jessica says

      Oh my goodness, you are SO full of information! That’s so awesome! The horse races are going on now!? Eeek… our 2nd trip may be happening sooner than we though! 😉 Thank you so much!

  3. Whitney says

    Agree with all the other comments about Hot Springs. Garvan Woodland Gardens and Oaklawn are some of my favorites. Next time you’re there eat at McClard’s BBQ. SO GOOD!

  4. Halana says

    Yes Garvan Gardens is absolutely beautiful! There’s also the alligator farm, which is rather small but my son absolutely loved because of course he got to see all the gators but they also have a small petting zoo with goats and deer. They also had a few other animals there. Then of course there are the duck boats that give you a your of Hot Springs on land and in water….another thing my son was extremely excited about. Downtown has all sorts of cool shops. All you really have to do is stop in a shop downtown and grab some brochures. Beautiful place to visit!