Paper Bag Pinatas

I was asked to make pinatas with my scouts for our Pack Meeting next week and the thought of 6 boys at my kitchen table with starch and newspaper did not sound like fun to me! But here is what a little internet searching can get you- I found this tutorial and it was a huge success! Hardly messy at all and even my 3 year old made one- it is so easy!

You start off with a paper bag. You can use big grocery sacks if you want, but we just used lunch sacks.

Fill it about 1/2 way with candy
and the other half with newspaper or magazine wads. Roll the top twice and staple to secure.
Make fringe with strips of tissue paper, put a good amount of glue on the top of your fringe, then glue it layer by layer (starting at the bottom) all the way up your bag, overlapping each layer of tissue paper.

Hole punch 2 holes at the top, lace it with some yarn and your pinata is done! Super simple. I love it!paper bag pinata

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  1. So creative!!!! SEriously, love this!!! what a fun birthday party idea this would be too. Can my boys have you for a scout leader someday? You would be too much fun!@

  2. somedaycrafts says:

    Great idea! I featured this at

  3. We made these at my daughter's 3rd birthday party. Everybody loved them! Thanks for the great idea.


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