Photoshop Basics: Add Text To Photo


Yes, we mean basics! In this lesson we are adding text over a photo with a layer effect.  To get started download the FREE Bolton Titling Bold Font used in the lesson.

Step 1: Prepare to Type

- from the main toolbar select Window / Character

- use the drop down menu to select the font from the character window

Step 2: Start Typing

- select the type tool from the tool bar

- place the type tool cursor over the photo and type, this creates a text layer in the layers palette

Step 3: Add Color

- use the type tool to highlight the text

- click the color box in the character window

- place the cursor over the photo to use the eye dropper and select a color in the photo

Step 4: Change the font size and Add a layer effect

- use the drop down menu to select a font size from the character window

- to begin adding the layer effect select Layer / Layer Style / Stroke

Step 5:  Customize the layer effect

- in the layer effect box select the color of the stroke (outline) effect with the eye dropper technique from step 3

- click the color libraries button to select a unique shade for the stroke (outline)

Step 6: Adjust the layer effect

- slide the size bar  to adjust the size of the stroke (outline)

Photoshop Basics We can’t wait to see

what you create with

this Photoshop Basics



  1. 1

    Where were you 6 months ago???? I’ve need this tutorial for so long!!!!! I’m so glad to have you contribute each month Kristy! You’re the best!

  2. 3

    I’d love if you could share some of your favorite fonts and where you get them!

    • 4
      Kristy Life-n-Reflection says:

      Da Font is one favorite sources. I love their search options for finding the right font. As for my fave fonts; it’s always changing LOL

  3. 5

    I knew how add text to a photo, but figured I’d read through this quick anyway. So glad I did – I didn’t know about adding a layer effect and how to customize it! Thanks so much for sharing this Kristy!

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