Photoshop Basics: Easy Photo Overlays


Join us each month to learn the basics of Photoshop, building a foundation for creativity!

In this lesson you are going to learn how to quickly and easily add photo overlays.

Photoshop Basics Series

Photoshop Basics Series: Lesson 6

Let’s get started:

Step 1

Step 1

Step 1 : It’s so easy you won’t believe your eyes!

In lesson 5 we learned that layers is what it’s all about in Photoshop! Photo Overlays are simply a texture, design, or variation that we lay OVER a photo; hence OVERlay.

1. Download the Life-n-Reflection Goodie: Love Spell Photo Overlay

Step 2

Step 2

Step 2 : Who’s in a love spell?

This overlay reminds of the hearts that fill the air by Pepe le pew in the Warner Brothers Cartoon.

2. Now that you have a photo overlay to work with; watch the Seasonal Overlay Video for quick steps to adding a love spell to your image




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See you again soon, Kristy

Big thanks to the Life-n-Reflection Contributing Artists for the adorable portraits featured here!



  1. 1

    How cute! Thanks for the download. The Seasonal Overlay Video link is to the Warner Bros. Cartoon, I think the right link is .

    Thanks again! :)

  2. 3

    Thanks! I will have to try this out!

  3. 4

    The heart overlay adds so much to the photo. Very pretty!

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