Photoshop Basics: Printable Storyboards


Join us each month to learn the basics of Photoshop, building a foundation for creativity!

In this lesson you are going to learn how to create a printable storyboard with a matching board for your blog!


Let’s get started:

In lesson 5 we learned that Layers is what it’s all about in Photoshop!   Now we are ready to work with a whole page of layered clipping masks!

1. To Begin Download the Life-n-Reflection Goodie: Maisy Storyboards

lnr_photoshopbasics_lesson_8_showcase 2

Step 1 : Get ready to layer up!

A. We are going to clip layers together in the layers palette like tiered wedding cakes to create a storyboard.


Step 2 : Did I mention printed storyboard make a great gift?

… Mother’s Day!

A. Watch the Step by Step Storyboard Video to make one now

B. Take it to the next step with a Printable Storyboard Project 

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See you again soon, Kristy

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