Photoshop Basics Blending Modes: Overlay


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In this lesson you are going to learn how to apply an overlay blending mode with photo textures.


Let’s get started:

In lesson 6 we learned that photo overlays are simply a texture, design, or variation that we lay OVER a photo; hence OVERlay.  Now we are ready to open the door to blending modes!

1. To Begin Download the Life-n-Reflection Goodie: Granny Smith Texture

Step 1

Step 1

Step 1 : Get ready for a COLOR BOOST!

This texture application brings to mind the bright green of a granny smith apple.

A. Open up the texture you downloaded. Using the move tool; drop and drag the texture over your entire photo. 

Step 2

Step 2

Step 2 : Did I mention a COLOR BOOST?

By applying this blending mode the golden hues of the prairie grass take center stage!

A. From the top main tool bar in Photoshop; check mark layers as described in previous lessons.

B. In the layers palette; select overlay from the blending mode drop down box


 So, what do you think? Is the overlay blending mode fun or what?

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See you again soon, Kristy

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  1. I am excited to get started on this! How fun!!!

  2. I LOVE all your great overlays, Kristy! They are fun and easy to use.

    • Kristy, Life-n-Reflection says:

      Thank you Jill, I love to see photographers like yourself using them!!

  3. I love everything you do Kristy!

  4. That is cool! I’m such a PS newbie and would love to try some of this stuff, even if it is only ‘basic’! It’s more complex than what I’m currently doing :)

    • Kristy Life-n-Reflection says:

      Yay! Sometimes I wonder how I can write ‘basic” in the same sentence as Photoshop. LOL