Candid Picture Photo Tips

Candid Photography Tips

When it comes to photographing kids and families, I have come to realize that natural is better! Natural lighting, natural smiles, natural poses etc… And candid pictures usually turn out WAY better than the ones where everyone is perfectly placed and sitting still. In fact, the candid pictures I am able to capture are usually some of my favorite. Today I wanted to share 3 candid picture photo tips to show just how fun and sweet a picture can be when you let your subjects “just go with it.”

Tip #1: Don’t worry about posing your subject

Candid Photography Tips 1

I love this picture of my daughter. She was really frustrated and didn’t want to take any pictures. Instead of forcing her to stay still, I told her to be a goofy as she wanted! She started running around and making faces but I got some of the best pictures that day!

Tip #2: Snap pictures while people are interacting

Candid Photo Tips 3

I took this picture when the father was fixing his son’s tie. This picture is one of my favorites! and theirs!

Tip #3: The subject doesn’t have to look at the camera

Candid Photography Tips 2

Don’t have the person look at the camera all the time! I love people’s eyelashes and I love taking pictures of people looking down.

. . . . .

There you have it! 3 simple tips to help you capture those sweet, un-staged moments!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Heidi is a mom and photographer living in southern California. She was a part of the Somewhat Simple Creative Team in 2013. Her amazing work behind the lens can be found on her website Lovely Dove Photo.

This post originally published on Somewhat Simple in July 2013.

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