PhotoTips w/ Heidi

Hi all! It’s Heidi from sew.craft.create.

I’m going to drop in every now and then to give you a few photo tips.

Tip #1: Don’t worry about posing your subject


I love this picture of my daughter. She was really frustrated and didn’t want to take any pictures. Instead of forcing her to stay still, I told her to be a goofy as she wanted! She started running around and making faces but I got some of the best pictures that day!

Tip #2: Snap pictures while people are interacting

I took this picture when the father was fixing his son’s tie. This picture is one of my favorites! and theirs!

Tip #3: The subject doesn’t have to look at the camera

Don’t have the person look at the camera all the time!

I love people’s eyelashes and I love taking pictures of people looking down.

Well, that’s it for today! Hope you join me next time! :)



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    Stephanie says:

    Perfect and to the point! Thanks Heidi!

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