Proud Moment as a Mom

When my oldest son {Ethan} was in Kindergarten, one of the last things I would tell him as he got out of the car each morning was to “make a new friend today!” Some days he would come home to tell me about a new friend he made and it always felt good hearing about his “recess adventures” with new boys from school.

One day his teacher told me about a time in class when one of his classmates was being teased for a speech impediment. When the boy went to speech therapy for the day, some of the kids began to tease him and imitated the way he talked. The teacher told me that Ethan stood up for this other boy, telling the teasing students that it didn’t matter how anyone talks and that that this boy was a nice boy and he was a good friend.

His teacher said that Ethan told the class these things in words that she could not have rehearsed better herself.

I was so proud of Ethan that day- standing up for another boy when it probably wasn’t the “cool” thing to do.

Ethan is in 3rd grade now and he is well-known among his peers for being a nice boy- always including others in his group of friends, especially when he sees another kid playing by himself on the playground.

It makes me proud to know my son sees to it that everyone at his school has a friend at recess, and it makes me proud to know that even after all these years, he still leaves the car each morning with the goal to  “make a new friend”.

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  1. staci johnson says

    So sweet!! I hope my kids can stand up for right when with their peers!! You deserve to be proud!!