Ribbon and Chain Bracelets

The inspiration for today’s idea came to me while browsing one of my favorite stores- Lowes! I was walking down an aisle that had shelves full of boxes and rolls of chains.

I grabbed the first person in a red vest I could find and asked him {very nicely} to cut 2 feet of this chain for me. From the 2 feet of chain (for only $1.40 a foot) I was able to get 3 bracelets. (The worker actually cut the 2 feet into 3 pieces for me so I didn’t have to buy my own tools- yay!) I thought the chain I chose is perfect for a chunky bracelet, but still delicate and feminine.

I had an image in my mind of what I wanted to create with this chain, but when I got home, I actually just started playing around with some ribbon and different weaving methods to see which bracelet I liked best.

Here is just the basic method of weaving a ribbon in and out of the chain and tying a bow at the wrist. Simple.

This one I created simply by slipping ribbon loops up into each chain link. I really liked the way this looked, but I should warn you to keep this type of bracelet away from kids- it will hold up fine until someone pulls on the loops, then the entire thing comes undone. It’s easy to fix, but just be careful.

The last method I tried was probably my favorite.

I took this fun trim and just wrapped in and over both sides of the chain. I left enough ribbon hanging from each side that I was able to tie a bow and slip it over my wrist! This one would be for more casual days, but using this same method, you can dress it up with fancier (or more plain) ribbon and embellish it with pearls or buttons for a fun kids bracelet. Or, to see more of the chain, use a skinnier ribbon. {Maybe even spray paint your chain before hand to make it extra matchy!)

I love how versatile this project can be.

Jewelry from the home improvement store, who would’ve thought? :)

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  1. says

    Such a cute idea! I do have a question though…How heavy are the chains and how does that affect the ribbon design? For example…for the white and the silverish-blue ribbon chains, the ribbon looks super cute sticking out–but I feel like if it’s on my wrist, the ribbon is going to get wrinkled and smooshed….any thoughts?

    • says

      It depends on what type of chain you buy- there are some very thin, light weight chains and some thick, heavy ones. The one I got wasn’t too heavy for my wrist and the ribbon didn’t wrinkle at all. If I were making these for kids, I might go with a smaller one though.

  2. Donna C says

    LOVE THIS!! :) Thanks so much for sharing a great & inexpensive idea. I really like how you showed some of the variations possible. Can’t wait to try this myself!