The Biggest SEO Mistake Bloggers Make

Wanna know the biggest SEO mistake bloggers make?

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s basically the pixie dust that makes your blogs, Web sites and social media sites go to the top of Google and other search engines.

Don’t let Search Enging Optimization scare you. We can make it really easy.

Let’s start with the biggest SEO mistake bloggers make { and other businesses } and we’ll learn more together bit by bit.

Watch the video above for more information.

I use free this keyword tool so that I’m not guessing the keywords that people actually use to find you. –>

Freebie from Hubspot titled
“Learning SEO from the Experts”
It tells you how to master every aspect of search engine optimization for business success.

What do you do to get higher on search engines? Are there any SEO specifics or questions you have that you would like me to go over next time?

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  1. says

    It’s funny to me how many people forget to simply rename their images for higher SEO. Though I did totally rename an image skinny girls on a post about why skinny doesn’t sell and some of the landing results scare me. Eek!

    • says

      Right. Images are one of the BEST ways to get Google’s attention. I’m surprised more people don’t do it. Ha ha @ the skinny traffic. My own blog gets a lot of attention for SLR cameras because we did a product shot post once. Sometimes you never know where the traffic will come from.

  2. Kristy Life-n-Reflection says

    Renae is such a great resource for building a business or presence online! I just joined her forum and WOWZA!!

  3. says

    I book marked this to go over and I finally did. I’m a bit confused still. So I signed up for all of it, do I just type the term that I would use to described the item/post and see what other words come up? isn’t that the same as what you said not to do since it’s all based on the words I pick? Sorry if I seem like a fool I’m trying to wrap my head around how to use the tool and interpret the results.

    • says

      Hi Marissa, type in a generic term like “jewelry” and then you’ll see the narrowed down keyphrases that people actually search for. Most people try to guess what the narrowed down keyphrases are instead of actually seeing what they are. Start generic then let the tool narrow it down for you. Does that make sense?

  4. says

    Ahh! Can we be best friends?! This vidoe was hilarious, and informative and I am going to check out more about SEO’s because of you! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Herrin Larkan says

    Another common mistake is to not have enough on-page elements (i.e. text) that are relevant to the search terms that are used to arrive at your blog post.

    Using a tool like the one you mention sure helps but it’s not absolutely necessary. Really you’re writing for humans more than search engines and that being the case, the main thing is to deliver on the promise in the headline.

    Which you did of course but you could be getting a lot more out of your efforts by including more details on the page itself.