Sharpie Mug Art

sharpie mug art

With the holidays fast approaching, my mind is already in over-drive on simple but personalized gifts for friends and family. Today I’m so excited to share with you one of my new favorite gift ideas, Sharpie Mug Art.

sharpie mug art 1

This is such a fun and easy gift to make.  I made three in a sitting and already have more in mind to make!

supplies needed:
. mug (I found my mugs for $2.99 at marshall’s) .
. a sharpie .
. an oven .
. a bit of baker’s twine .
. a pom or two .
.one  {There are many methods to start the design of this project with.  You can free-hand a design, write out a poem, doodle, etc.  On this instance, I used my Silhouette printer.} I came up with three different designs for my three mugs and printed them out on black vinyl adhesive.

sharpie mug art 2

.two  Before doing anything to the mugs, I cleaned them with a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol to remove any grease from handling.  The sharpie will not adhere as well to a dirty mug.

.three  After I cut out the vinyl, I carefully placed it on the mug.  I had to peel it off a few times to get it just right.  Make sure to tap gently at all the edges to ensure the vinyl is adhered nicely to the mug… you don’t want sharpie to makes it’s way under there!

sharpie mug art 3
.four  Grab your sharpie and go to town.  I learned to trace all the edges first and then fill in the designs.

sharpie mug art 4

.five  After my designs were done, I removed the vinyl.

sharpie mug art 5

.six  Place your mug on a baking sheet and put in the oven.  Set your oven for 450F.  It is important to put your mug inside the oven as it slowly heats up.  This will help prevent any cracking.  Once at 450F, set the timer for 30 minutes.  Turn oven off after 30 minutes and allow the mugs to slowly cool in the oven.  (The entire “cooking” process took me about 40-50 minutes with all the warming up, baking and cooling down.)

sharpie mug art 6

.seven  Once your mugs have cooled, you can remove them and enjoy your hand-work.

.eight  Dress up your mug with some baker’s twine and a few poms.  A perfect personalized gift!

sharpie mug art 7

sharpie mug art 8

Now, go grab a mug and a Sharpie and get creative!

{note: at the above noted temperature, my three mugs were dishwasher safe}

 . . . . . 

About the Author: Amy is the creative mom of  two and  author of Delineate Your Dwelling.

“I started (my) blog because I love being able to create.  I want to be able to share that excitement with others.  I believe that anyone can be creative, sometimes you just need a little inspiration, a little hand holding and a small push in the right direction. Come along on this journey with me, as we all learn together!”

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  1. When I first saw this project my first thought was “but I write like a 1st Grader…” but I love the vinyl method. I’m excited to give this one a try!!


  2. So clever to use the vinyl as a stencil!

  3. Trish (@I_am_Succeeding) says:

    Are these just regular sharpies that you use?

  4. This is awesome! So how do you print the vinyl stuff?

  5. I love these! Super cute!

  6. This is so amazing!! What a brilliant idea and they will make such wonderful gifts!! I am pinning, and totally trying this! I would love it if you linked this awesome project at my wowza weekend link party!!

  7. How does the design hold up after washing them?

  8. Hi! I just followed (generally) your instructions and so-far so-good! I was wondering though if it is ok to use these sharpie mugs in the microwave… Have you tried it? Thanks for the post!

  9. I need HELP !!! I just finished 6 cups and 4 plates for gifts and did a trail on one of the cups and the sharpie washed right off:( I baked all pieces a second time at the 450 and still washed off, is there anything else that i can do to save these gifts ?

    • I did these for gifts last Christmas. The designs would scrape off with my fingernail if I scratched at it. They also pretty much washed off after a few uses. I used nail polish remover to completely remove the half washed designs and did them all over again with a Sharpie paint pen, per someone’s suggestion. It held up better, but now a year later, the designs are rubbed off again. Either this project doesn’t like people with the name Brenda, or it just doesn’t work. Which is a big bummer, cause they look so awesome!

  10. These are so cute! I want to try them with my 9 yr. old daughter. They will make great gifts, packed with little treats, teas, cocoa. I think we’ll try doing it with color Sharpies. She has a entire set and will love to make her own art. Definitely going to pin, FB, and Tweet this awesome project! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Are you giving the silhouette designs away? I’m still learning how to use mine… :)

  12. After baking the mugs, is the Sharpie permanent? Can I wash it afterwards and not have the marker come off? Thank You.

  13. After I baked the mugs…… A day or 2 later, I washed the mug, and the saying washed off….:(
    Disappointed, as I already gave 2 away.. Wonder what else I can do to get it to work……?????



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