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shoe organizer

A few months ago I created a family shoe organizer that solved a BIG problem in my house. My kids come in the house and kick off their shoes wherever they feel like it. So not only was my house being invaded by flip flops, it was also super irritating when we’d be rushing out the door and the couldn’t find a matching pair of shoes.

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The first idea I tried was this big basket kept right by the front door. But digging through a big basket didn’t work out so well and it ended up causing more frustrations and a bigger mess when shoes were tossed from the basket in search of a missing shoe. But then I created this, and suddenly my household shoe problem was solved:


Here is how I did it:

shoe organization

  1. I hit the dollar store and bought a plastic bin for each of the kids.
  2. I took their pictures with my iPad, added their names to the image using the hAppy app, and then printed each picture.
  3. Then I stuck their pictures on their bins.
  4. Finally, I placed the bins in a cube shelf in my garage right by the door to the house. Now sandals don’t even have a chance to make it into the house to get lost- shoes get put right in their bins on their way through the door!

We used this system all summer and it was a sanity saver!

Now there is less frantic searches for school shoes at 7:59 in the morning. I love it!

Here is more info about the Zink hAppy that I used to make the labels:


Several months ago I was asked to be a part of a select team of bloggers that would introduce a new product to the world- the ZINK hAppy Smart App Printers This tool is seriously groundbreaking- especially for the craft industry. Want to see how it works?

There are 2 versions of this Smart App Printer: hAppy & hAppy+:


The ZINK hAppy Smart App Printers are the new {creative} way to print your photos, labels, decorations, business cards, coupons, gifts and much more! You can print your images right from your smartphone or tablet- printing pictures from Facebook and Instagram has never been easier! The hAppy Smart App Printers use ZINK® (Zero Ink® Printing Technology) — so you can print what you need all without any ink. It’s fast, fun, and easy- just the way I like my projects to be!


Watch the videos HERE to see how easy it is to use-  all you need is the app, the hAppy and some zRolls to start creating!!!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ZINK. I was provided a hAppy Smart App Printer by ZINK, but the opinions expressed here are my own.

Wife, mom of 5, and creator of Somewhat Simple, Stephanie has a passion to create and inspire. She is an Orange County transplant who is now enjoying life in Phoenix, AZ. She enjoys traveling, shopping, organizing, cooking and creating simple projects for her home and family.
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  1. Becky Romano says

    Awesome giveaway!! I have so many ideas running through my head now. The shoe clutter would be my first project..

  2. Ashley C says

    I will create labels, Project Life type pictures, use the hAppy to make cards. Looks so fun!

  3. Tina Frazier says

    Awesome tool, I have seen this lately on Becky Higgins
    Page lately, so I was so glad to see it on Simple.
    I would love it for the scrapbooking that I am getting
    Back into! Finally

  4. Tammie says

    Oh my goodness! There are sooo many things I would LOVE to make with this! It’s awesome!!!

  5. Kim Barrett says

    I love this little cute printer, the possibilities are endless. What a sweet giveaway!

  6. says

    OMG I have been waiting for this to come out! I want one so bad and I am so excited to see a giveaway for one! I couldn’t even think of 1 project right now… More like 27! LOVE IT!

  7. Rachael Hardison says

    i would definitely use this for organizing and scrapbooking!!

    thanks for the chance!

  8. Erica Williams says

    I am going to make cards and scrapbook layouts…. And invitations for my parties oh yeah and business cards. Oh, the possibilities are endless….Labels oh wow I could go on forever with all the ideas in my head.

  9. Emilie H. says

    My kids are just getting to the age where a chore chart would be very helpful. I am thinking this would make a picture chore chart super easy!

  10. christine garcia says

    Great shoe storage idea. Oh my how I’d love a hAppy printer!!!! Thanks so much for the chance to win! Hugs~ Christine

  11. says

    Sweet! I probably would take a bunch of pictures of the cats at first, but I could see taking pictures of my holiday decorations and sticking them on the outside of the rubbermaid container!

  12. Sheila Carrender Hicks says

    I would use this for scrapbooking & I would also use it for home organization. :-)

  13. Trish says

    Cards, labels and more, oh my! What a wonderful chance for a hAppy time!! Thank you for this opportunity!!

  14. DianeB says

    My very first project will be to label all my containers in the linen closet. After that, I am going to have fun with Instagram!