Simplified Sewing with e Patterns

Recently, I was in a sewing class with several experienced sewists. The topic turned to ePatterns and the general consensus was dislike. I hate to be the bearer of bad news to these ladies, but instant download ePatterns are the future.

What is an ePattern?

Simply, it is a pattern you purchase online. It will come to you either in a zip file or an instant download.

All you do is download the pattern to your computer, print the pages, tape them together, and cut out the pattern.

 Many ePatterns come with maps that show you how to do this.

Where Do You Get ePatterns?

That’s the best part; they are everywhere on the internet.

Some cost a little bit and some are free. Check out some of these online patterns.

 Craftsy {crafts, garments, kids clothes, some free patterns}

 You Can Make This {crafts, kids stuff, a few garments, free pattern club}

 Burda Style {mostly garments, some free patterns}

 Sewing Patterns {carries lots of different pattern brands in ePatterns}

 Etsy {crafts, garments, accessories}

 Why ePatterns are the Future

One thing that sets many ePatterns apart is photographs.

Most printed patterns only have written instructions.

Many ePatterns come with 40-50 photographs alongside the written instructions.

If you have an eReader like an iPad, sewing just got simplified.

ePatterns are Ecomomical

Think about it ~ you would only have to purchase one children’s pattern with multiple sizes included.

As your child grows, you could print the next size up in the pattern. This is ideal for everyday things like t-shirts and pajamas.

ePatterns are also great for pattern companies and retailers.

Pattern companies can focus on putting out on-trend patterns because they don’t have to spend as much money on printing.

Likewise, retailers will not have to stock hundreds of patterns ~ leaving them more money for fabric.

More patterns, more fabrics, more fun.

Instant Gratification

Since most e Patterns are instant download, they are are available when you have the time. 

If you’ve never tried an e Pattern, I have a simple tutorial for you here.

Best of all, you will have a lovely apron to give as a holiday gift.


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  1. Rachel says

    Interesting you heard dislike. I think they are so great for many of the reasons you gave. I grew up and learned on traditional patterns, but avoid them when possible now.

  2. Corinne says

    I JUST downloaded a pattern for a messenger bag! I havent used a pattern in 6 years so that was challenging. However the pattern I downloaded didn’t come with many pictures and what pictures it did have didn’t make sense! Oh my pattern was also 66 pages long (but came with 5 different patterns) talk about alot of paper and ink! :/

  3. Xaria says

    I am going to find it lots of fun as all the epatternsI have seen are 8 1/2 *11 and we use A4 size paper…