St. Patrick’s Day Parfaits

If you’ve read Fancy Nancy, then you know that parfaits are very fancy!

My daughters and I got a little fancy when we turned a plastic cup into a yummy St. Patrick’s Day Parfait!

We first came up with this and did Valentine’s Day Parfaits, and then my daughter said we should do a little Irish version!

Any excuse for a parfait, that one.  I tell ya!


My kids’ favorite part of making seasonal parfaits is decorating their clear tumbler with foam/felt shapes or stickers.

Just when you thought this couldn’t get fancier, right?


Below is the list of what we threw together.  If I was doing these in kids’ classrooms, I would probably dye my cake batter too!  With a little green food coloring, you can almost choose anything to layer in your festive cup.

And green food coloring will be your best friend in the making of this and all other St. Patty’s Day goodies.


Hint:  If you don’t want to make cupcakes, you can simply buy pound cake/angel food cake at the grocery.

If I could have the desires of my heart, I would have one with mint chip ice cream, brownies and green cool whip!  But when working with kids, (who take their time to decorate and layer) it’s easier to use non-melty things like pudding.

Yep, kid-made and kid-inspired parfaits are a hit in our house!

I saw the cutest foam flower stickers that made me want to skip right to spring parfaits… and 4th of July parfaits are about my #1 favorite!

It doesn’t matter if ‘parfait’ is French.  You can say it with an Irish accent when you call the kids to the table to “make a wee bit of fancy St. Patty’s Parfaits.”

For some more St. Patrick’s Day Meal Ideas visit us over at bee in our bonnet!

Thanks for having me Steph!

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