Let’s Dive In: 20 Summer Recipes

Favorite Summer RecipesHere is a delicious list of over 20 fantastic summer recipes! Take a look:

summer recipes 1

1. Summer Spinach Salad || You’re going to want to serve this at your next BBQ!

2. Crispy Italian Baked Chicken || Tons of flavor, only 3 ingredients and BAKED, not fried!!!

summer recipes 2

3. Tortellini Apple Salad || Cold and sweet with a little bit of tangy sass!

4. Lemonade Chex Mix || Sell this at the next community bake sale!

summer recipes 3

5. Strawberry Cheesecake Frozen Yogurt || You had me at “cheesecake.”

6. Quinoa Pizza Bites || All the flavors of your favorite takeout… made healthy!

summer recipes 4

7. The BEST Lemon Cupcakes || Seriously, the best.

8. Mild Salsa || Ok, so this is good anytime of year… but especially on those crazy hot days!

summer recipes 5

9. Oatmeal Turtle Cookies || Sweet & Salty Deliciousness.

10. Creamy Pasta Salad || Hands-down our family’s favorite side dish!

summer recipes 6

11. Cherry Lemonade Slush || Sweet and refreshing!

12. Strawberry Cake in a Jar || Tasty beautiful things…

summer recipes 7

13. Kickin’ Chicken Cups || An easy summer appetizer.

14. Broccoli Salad || Another family favorite!

summer recipes 8

15. Basil and Ginger Chicken Kebobs || Fire up that grill!

16. Potato Salad || My husband’s very favorite!

summer recipes 9

17. BBQ Chicken French Bread Pizza || Simple and delicious!

18. Watermelon on a Stick || Not a recipe, just a fun way to eat a summer classic!

summer recipes 10

19. Fall off the Bone RIBS! || My favorite thing to grill!

20. Camp Out Cookies  || Delicious cookies baked right on top of a graham cracker!

How is THAT for summer deliciousness!?!?!

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