He Shoots, He Scores: Boys Hockey Bedroom

boys hockey room 1

Last year my boys talked me into redecorating their baseball room into a boys hockey bedroom. Hockey is, after all, their very favorite sport and I live in a house with 3 of the biggest LA Kings fans! I began renovations during the playoffs and I'd like to think my hard work and creativity willed the team to their first Stanley Cup victory. It was an exciting time in our house- the boys got a pretty sweet bedroom all while watching their team dominate the NHL! Take a look at the details: I … [Read more...]

Boys Will Be Boys: 10 Projects for Boys

tie shirt for boys

So many projects for little girls, what about the boys? Here are 10 Projects for Boys for all the mommas of little men! 1. Applique Tie from Lemon Tree Creations 2. Lil Rascal Cap from A Jennuine Life 3. Sloppy Joe's Shoes from Bugaboo 4. Race Car Track from My Little Gems 5. Boys Camp Out Party from Moore Minutes 6. Matchbox Car Organizer from Pickup Some Creativity 7. Bow Tie from Made By Me 8.  Free Printable Lego Money from Over the Big … [Read more...]

Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

Birthday Parties for Boyx

Hi there everyone! It's Diana from The Girl Creative and I'm super excited to be one of the party contributors at Somewhat Simple.  Last year I had the opportunity to throw my first themed birthday party. It was for my son's first birthday and I chose a Circus Theme. I did quite a bit of research and at the time only found a handful of theme ideas. Fast forward a year or so and there seem to be so many to choose from now. I've rounded up 12 Birthday Party Ideas for Boys that you will be sure to … [Read more...]

Boys Hockey Room- Jersey Shelf Organization

boys hockey room 1

I am so excited to show you a fun organization project I created for my boys hockey room. How fun is that? When we first bought this home, Ethan was an only child and his favorite sport was baseball. We designed his entire room around his love of America's favorite pastime, and we had this shelving unit for all of his "stuff." Fast forward 7 years and not only has our family dynamic changed a bit (3 more kids to the mix) but so has Ethan's hobbies. He now gets to share his room with his … [Read more...]

Toys for Boys on Disney Spoonful


I've compiled a fun list of a dozen Toys for Boys ideas! All you mom's of little dudes, check it out and tell me which one is your favorite! Click HERE to see the list … [Read more...]