Super Soft Snickerdoodles Recipe


Raise your hand if you'd like a crowd-pleasing, taste bud-tempting cookie that will have your house smelling delicious as soon as you pop them in the oven??? This recipe for Super Soft Snickerdoodles is the best one I have ever tried! Snickerdoodles are the ultimate comfort food cookie- they are so sweet and satisfying. But if you're like me, you know there is nothing more disappointing than biting into a cookie and having crumbs fall out of your mouth. (My teeth need to sink into the cookie, … [Read more...]

60 of Our Favorite Cookie Recipes


I sat down nearly 2 weeks ago to write this post featuring our favorite cookie recipes, and because there were just so many cookies I wanted to include, it took me hours to finally complete it! Everyone has their favorite cookie, but maybe you'll find your newest addiction on the list below. Please note, I am not responsible for any weight gain that may occur after reading this post. Proceed with caution... Big, Fat, Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies // Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies // … [Read more...]

Patriotic Jello Cookies


Fourth of July is just around the corner, and this means its time to start thinking all things red, white and blue. These patriotic jello cookies would be the perfect addition to any upcoming Fourth of July celebration, whether you're having a BBQ or picnic, or staying home and watching fireworks from your lawn. The other great thing about these cookies is they are simple to make too. The cookie dough is basically a sugar cookie dough with a little jello mix and food coloring. So here ya … [Read more...]

Tie Cookies for Fathers Day


There's no going wrong with a tie for your Dad. Actually there is...  your picky Dad/husband might take it back for a different design. I'll correct myself, there's no going wrong with an edible tie! Here is how to make darling Tie Cookies for Fathers Day. Read up on the basics of sugar cookies and royal icing with recipes and instructions HERE. Just make up a few colors of royal icing and arm yourself with squeezie bottles and toothpicks. With a tie cookie cutter, and a few s … [Read more...]

Remote Control Cookies for Fathers Day


Father's Day is coming up- time to start thinking about what to get dad! You really can't go wrong with cookies, right? But I felt like I wanted to try something a little more "out of the box."  So I racked my brain for some other man-cookie ideas.  It's not easy.  But I decided on making remote control cookies... and then I put it in a box. Ideally this would accompany the gift of your husband's dream TV.  But if you're me, you wouldn't dream of picking out a TV on your own.  But I think this … [Read more...]