Easy Polka Dot Cupcakes

Easy Polka Dot Cupcakes - Colorful and Fun!

How fun are these colorful cupcakes? My kids absolutely LOVE to make - and eat - them! They think it's just about the best thing ever to take a bite and see what color is inside! These would be perfect for Easter or a spring party - or switch up the colors for any holiday or season. You could do chocolate cupcakes with orange centers for Halloween; red and green for Christmas; pink, red, and purple for Valentine's Day, and so on. The options are endless! And even though they might look pretty … [Read more...]

Easter Cupcakes and Party Treats

Easter Cupcakes 1

Spring is absolutely one of my favorite times of the year.  Flowers are blooming, the weather is perfect and Easter is just around the corner. Today I want to share some Easter Cupcakes and party treats with you. I can't get enough of these carrot cake cupcakes.  I used a boxed cake mix and a delicious cream cheese frosting recipe from Brown Eyed Baker (I added an additional 2 cups of powdered sugar).  The carrots are made out of fondant and topped with real carrot tops from Whole Fo … [Read more...]

Valentine Cupcakes

valentine cupcakes 2

Here is a super simple Valentine Cupcakes idea I made with the kids last year for their afternoon snack on Valentine's Day. Ingredients: 1 box of strawberry cake mix 1 tub of pink strawberry frosting 1 bag of Red Hots cinnamon candies*This is obviously the easy way of doing things, but feel free to use your own cupcake and frosting recipes if you have a favorite. Directions: Make your cupcakes according to package directions. Let cool completely. Frost your … [Read more...]

Cherry Almond Vanilla Cupcakes


HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! What teacher wouldn't LOVE to receive a cupcake for Valentine's Day?  Of course don't forget about that "someone special" too! These Cherry Almond Vanilla Cupcakes are filled with chopped cherries and topped with a creamy butter frosting. You know when you take of bit of something so delicious you have to close your eyes and savor every bite?  Well, that's exactly what happened when my friends tried these cherry almond vanilla cupcakes. CHERRY ALMOND VANILLA CUP … [Read more...]

Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes


Does your family love cinnamon rolls?   Some cinnamon roll recipes can be labor intensive.  Our busy lifestyles makes it hard to find the time to make cinnamon rolls.  Now, you can have a cinnamon roll without  rolling out the dough and waiting for the dough to rise TWICE!  These Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes have all the ingredients that a traditional cinnamon roll would have.  Brown sugar, pecans and cinnamon.   Topped with a delicious creamy cinnamon cream cheese frosting. So, next time your famil … [Read more...]